Brokerage Reorganization: Death of the Office Manager

  The organizational structure of a residential real estate office has changed drastically over the years. You used to walk into a brokerage to find an office manager who has a broad enough background to be able to support agents in all areas of the business. It is now more difficult to find someone to fulfill that role and subsequently, less likely.   HomeSmart Chief Operating Officer Wendy Forsythe, discusses organizational management and the deconstruction of the one-size-fits-all office manager in an article with RISMedia.     By: Wendy Forsythe   The classic organizational structure of a real estate brokerage

The Evolution of Teams

  In today’s market, residential real estate teams are becoming increasingly popular. Teams are proving to be effective, producing more transactions than top-producing agents. So, it’s critical for a brokerage to be able to support and integrate teams in their model. While most brokerages have built their business on a foundation of supporting their individual agents, they need to switch gears and learn how to meet the needs of the team broker. HomeSmart Chief Operating Officer Wendy Forsythe, discusses the evolution of teams and how to successfully integrate them within a brokerage in a commentary with RISMedia. By: Wendy Forsythe

Relola Names the Top 10 HomeSmart Local Real Estate Experts

  By Lauren Walker No matter where your market is, local real estate expertise is a key differentiator for buyers and sellers. They want to work with a Realtor who doesn’t just know transactions, but who knows the specifics of their local community. It’s all about context. How does the listing fit into the broader picture of the area? What is the lifestyle like? HomeSmart agents across the country use the free Relola app to showcase their local expertise. They drop pins on an interactive map that shows the local feature that make their city or town unique — parks,

Marketing Yourself? You Better Read This.

  By Jen Ross Building your business relies extensively on the quality of advertising and marketing you create and share. Your entire brand is communicated through each and every channel, from your business cards to your yard signs to your website and beyond. If gaining clients and avoiding fines sounds appealing to you, read this post. Don’t Use the Word “REALTOR®” If You Aren’t One A frequent misconception the public makes is interchanging the words “REALTOR®” and “real estate agent”. Surprisingly, agents make this mistake, too, and use REALTOR® in their marketing and advertising though it doesn’t legally belong there.

What Will You Do With More Agents This Year?

  By: Wendy Forsythe This year, more agents are expected to enter the market, providing more opportunity for a brokerage to grow its agent count. Recruiting, onboarding and activating new agents can be time- and resource-intensive, unless you’ve got the right systems and processes in place to make it quick and easy. Critical to success is getting those agents on a fast track to transaction production, so they can quickly grow their business and real estate career along with your brokerage. Right now, brokers and agents are busy planning out their 2018– and most likely, growth is on their minds.

Budgeting for Homeowners

  Now that you’ve purchased your new home, you will need to be able to handle all the expenses that come with owning and maintaining your home. Budgeting comes in pretty handy when juggling all the new expenses and even planning ahead for an emergency fund. A budget is simply a written plan. Often they are viewed as stressful and time consuming. While that is one way to look at it, they are actually easier to maintain than one would think. Plus, when it comes to home ownership, they are essential for financial success. Tips to budget your monthly expenses:

Maintaining Your Home

  After you move from home buyer to homeowner status, you’ll need to be sure you take care of your new asset. Maintaining a home is an ongoing process and takes some work. Since your home is a pledge for security of your loan, you will need to keep it in good repair. Maintenance Costs Home buyers should realize that there are costs that arise when owning a home. After you close the deal, you’re the one responsible. Initially, you’ll need some basic items to help keep your home looking its best. Consider the following initial expenses: Mower and weed

Closing Time!

  The day your dream finally comes true is called closing day. Welcome to the official home owners club! This is when you get to “sign your life away” and begin to enjoy the benefits of home ownership. While the day has been anticipated, there are a few things to prepare for in advance and during the actual closing. Closing Prep Home buyers get a copy of what’s called the Closing Disclosure a few days before they close. This document gives the information about loan terms and any closing costs to be paid. Be sure to review this paperwork carefully

Handling Your Mortgage

  You’ve selected your new home and the offer has been accepted. Congratulations! Now for the next step: the journey to get your mortgage. You have much to consider before you “sign your life away.” Home buyers are often so excited that they rush the mortgage process. However, take the time to research and plan ahead because it will be extremely beneficial for years to come. Check out the following steps to obtain your mortgage. Loan Program Consideration The goal is to find a loan program that best fits with your needs. You’ll want to consider the following while you

The Plunge of Homeownership

  Taking the plunge into homeownership is an excellent decision to make. There are many advantages when it comes to owning versus renting. However, there are important financial decisions to be considered in advance. The benefits include things like tax deductions, a fixed monthly payment and customizing your home to your own tastes. Plus, you’ll build up equity rather than seeing your dollars vanish in the wind by paying rent. Here are a few things to consider and handle before you take the leap into owning your own home: Credit Check How is your credit? You need to have an