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Top 5 Terms To Use When Writing Your Listing Descriptions

  Business Wire recently released a survey published by leading marketing services agency, Lavidge, titled “2018 Southwest Residential Development Marketing Report”. The report highlights the most effective ways to communicate and market to new home buyers of different demographics. The research group surveyed 400 adult consumers with intentions of providing original insights for homebuilders and sellers about specific words or phrases to help market their products effectively. From millennials to those middle-aged and up, how one writes about a listing can make or break their efforts to reach an intended audience. Here are the top 5 terms that were found

New Data Finds Homeowners Struggle When Selling, Despite Hot Market – Part 2

  By Sonia Krishnan Fall, 2017. Mention that period to Diana Leath and you will likely hear her exhale, then laugh. Diana remembers fall 2017 as a happy time. She also remembers it as a crazy, stressful time. Which makes sense when she explains. In October, Diana gave birth to a baby girl, Noelle. She also had a two-year-old daughter to care for. Her husband, Adam, happened to be in the throes of building a new hotel for his family business. And that same month, after spending 200 days searching for a bigger home in Raleigh for their growing family,

New Data Finds Homeowners Struggle When Selling, Despite Hot Market – Part 1

    By Sonia Krishnan Twelve days before Thanksgiving, Mark and Sue Meaney decided to put their 109-year-old house on the market. They looked at comps of similar-sized homes near their St. Paul neighborhood, agreed on a price with their agent and waited anxiously for their first offer to roll in. Mark and Sue knew their timing wasn’t ideal. The holidays loomed, and the market was slowing; worse, St. Paul was entering its notorious subzero season. The couple felt torn. After one year of searching for a new home, they had found the perfect place a few miles away. It

From Independent Brokerage Owner to HomeSmart Franchise Partner: A Q&A with Chuck Poteet

  Every real estate brokerage franchisor promises the best marketing, tools and tech in the industry, but those promises don’t mean anything unless your brokers and agents are seeing positive results from them. HomeSmart puts value behind their broker and agent support, business systems and proprietary end-to-end technologies and Chuck Poteet, broker/owner of HomeSmart Fine Properties, is proof that these aren’t empty promises.   Chuck owned an independent brokerage for 17 years in Houston, Texas. After a quick interaction with HomeSmart, he made the decision to own a franchise himself and introduce HomeSmart to Houston.   Read the following Q&A

Tech That Sets Us Apart – Behind the Scenes at HomeSmart International

    A common theme that has seemed to surface about the home buying process is that it is long, complicated and, most often times, difficult for both the consumer and the agent. HomeSmart International however, has turned this recurring expectation of real estate into nothing more than an outdated misconception.   How? You may ask. As a general explanation, HomeSmart prides itself on using their proprietary technology to aid their brokers, agents, and respectively, their clients in the home buying/selling/renting experience. But what exactly is our technology and what makes it better, I mean different, than the others?   The foundation

Finding The Right System One Month After Inman Connect

    By Matt Hensler   Cold air continues to linger in New York City nearly a month after conference attendees at the 2018 Inman Connect Conference packed up and headed back to their brokerages and clients.For many in the industry, the status quo has set in and they’re back to business as usual, but for others, the conversations and insights introduced at Inman are now driving them to achieve next-level success in their real estate businesses.   One such conversation occurred with HomeSmart’s very own Wendy Forsythe when she joined the crew on The Boom Real Estate Podcast. If

Why You Can’t Help Falling in Love with a Career in Real Estate

    All too often people have a less than ideal relationship with their career. Just as all relationships have the potential to lose their spark, your job is no different. Whether you are feeling stuck, unsatisfied or all of the above, being unhappy in your (career) relationship is no way to a happy life. If you have heard of the great benefits of a profession in real estate but are too nervous to take the leap, then this article is for you. Here are a few reasons leaving your lackluster job and entering an exciting new industry may be

Why a Career Brokerage is the Better Choice.

  By: Tori Rosenblum HomeSmart helps you achieve your real estate goals no matter where you are in your career. Whether you’re a new agent searching for guidance in a competitive industry, one aspiring to be a top-producer, a team looking for a place to call home or a broker looking to expand your business, we’re sharing tips on what to look for in a brokerage from some of our most prominent thought-leaders. The new agent who needs help getting the ball rolling. New agents tend to be concerned with making sure they can get the right kind of support

How Much Do You earn Per Real Estate Hour?

[INFOGRAPHIC]     Key Takeaways Agents spend an estimated 43 total work hours when selling a home HomeSmart agents earn an average of $51 more per hour than an agent working on a 70/30 split Based on the average $247,000 sales price of a home in the US, agents on a 70/30 split earn over $2200 less than those on a 100% commission model

Make Your Home Their Home: What to Consider When Staging

  Work from the outside, in: While possibly the oldest trick in the book, it remains relevant for good reason… it works! It is no secret that prospective buyers often begin their home search with a quick drive-by before committing to an open house. As a seller, this is your chance to lure them in and get them hooked before they’ve even stepped foot inside. Simply put, curb appeal is what draws your buyers in. Focus on these areas and watch the magic happen (in your sales, that is): 1. Weed, whack, and trim: While a lush garden may seem