HomeSmart Launches Revenue Share Program; Provides Income Stream into Retirement

Optionality Gives Agents Choice and Freedom

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — September 30, 2021 — HomeSmart launches HomeSmart+, a revenue sharing program that provides a way for agents to earn additional income beyond their own transactions, and an opportunity to earn money into their retirement.

HomeSmart+ will, for the first time, provide agents the choice to continue with one of HomeSmart’s tried and true 100%-commission plans, or the chance to generate revenue through the HomeSmart+ revenue sharing program.

“Our agents wanted the option for greater financial freedom, while maintaining access to the brick and mortar office locations and top-of-the-line customer service and support they’ve become accustomed to with HomeSmart,” said Matt Widdows, HomeSmart’s founder and CEO. “HomeSmart+ accomplishes this and much more. We’ve raised the bar for the industry and I am proud we can offer our agents the financial rewards they work so hard to achieve. I wanted to build this as a thank you to the professional Realtor®.”

HomeSmart+: Setting A New Standard for Agents

HomeSmart+ has the potential to help even out the roller coaster income most agents experience through an innovative revenue-sharing program. HomeSmart+ establishes HomeSmart as a market leader in providing agents options and choice as to how they build their legacy as a real estate professional.

Revenue Sharing Provides Control and Choice

  • HomeSmart+ agents are rewarded on the revenue, and not just profit, they bring in through referrals, which offers greater transparency to the program, eliminating the concern over spending that’s created with traditional profit-sharing models. 
  • Agents can receive up to 80% of the commission per transaction, which is capped each anniversary year, plus revenue share from the sales activity of the productive agents they sponsor into the company. 
  • HomeSmart will continue to offer its 100%-commission plans, giving agents even more flexibility and earning power.

Income Stream into Retirement

  • When an agent has accumulated enough retirement points based on personal transactions and referrals, they can change their status to “retired” and continue to earn residual income through HomeSmart+ even after they are no longer active in the industry. 
  • Agents need to keep an active real estate license and have it be held by a HomeSmart brokerage or a HomeSmart referral company to stay in compliance. 

Added Widdows: “Dramatic changes are disrupting the real estate industry and creating financial headwinds for many agents. HomeSmart+ gives our agents the security that comes with owning their future and setting themselves up for long-term financial success. It’s another example of HomeSmart’s industry leadership in action.”