Michael Gadberry

DRE: SA545912000

(480) 570-5122


I am a native of Arizona, growing up in Mesa. I graduated from Westwood High School some time ago, where I enjoyed playing football and running track. My spare time was consumed with other sports  activities like; volleyball, basketball and fast and slow pitched softball .



I worked in the construction field while in high school learning how not to cut off a finger.  Several years later, I became a licensed contractor and worked all over the valley.  My skills included selling, estimating, design, welding, operating equipment and finances.


In early 2000, I learned how to West Coast Swing dance.  I loved it so much that I became a competitive dancer.  Now I mostly teach WCS, besides owning/operating a WCS dance club and owning one of the largest WCS dance competition in the country.


These experiences have kept me active, while meeting great people from all over the world. I have learned that nothing comes easy and NEVER except "CAN'T" as an excuse.  I know what hard work is and how to help people meet their goals, no matter what it takes.  These are the same principles I use in my Real Estate business.