Gordon Spray

DRE: SA680968000

(612) 961-7624


Whether you are buying or selling I home, you have many options to choose from so I sincerely appreciat you considering me. With a 25+ year in sales and marketing (about 10 in real estate) I have the skill set to guide you through the sale or purchase of a home. But perhaps my biggest value comes to you from my own personal experinces as a consumer.

Over the course of my career I have been an inverstor, lived in a condo, owned a home with acerage, moved locally, reloacted nationally (a couple of times!), moved with and without a family...you get the picture. So whether you're looking for yourself or your family, relocating from the east coast or the east valley, let me help you through the process.

My wife and I have lived here in The Ahwatukee Foothills for 10+ years. We have raised 2 beautiful girls (both in college now). As we watched them navigate through public schools, play club sports and travel with mom and dad throughout the region, we have gained a tremendous appreciation for all that the area has to offer. Not everyone has the same needs or wants. So I will taylor your experience to your specific needs. 

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