Natalie Karmo

DRE: SA660955000

(602) 421-9680


Realtor, daughter, sister, dog-mom, advocate, friend (they call her Nat)


Born and raised in beautiful Arizona, Nat graduated from ASU in 2003 as a theatre major. After a brief stint in Hollywood, she quickly realized the glitz and glamour wasn’t for her and she joyously made the move back to the wide-open desert. After more of life’s detours and twists, she walked through an open door back to school to earn a degree in Interior Design. Getting her real estate license was a natural next step, and she began using these skills to offer her clients a service that other agents simply could not. The real estate game has changed since she became licensed 5 years ago, but people haven’t. Nat understands that we all share the innate desire to dwell in a home that is a peaceful, joyful space; we all want to share that space with people, and/or animals, we love.


Caring for animals and humans has always been a passion of hers. Specifically, advocating for people to find alternative, holistic paths to transition off of opioids and other damaging prescription medications, became a true calling. She wrote a book about it and hopes to continue to fight the good fight and see many more people heal from dangerous, addictive drugs. If there is one thing Nat knows, it’s that we never face trials alone. She got to know God, began to study the Word, and through that relationship, she is honored to witness how He works all things together for good, even when they don’t appear that way at the time.


Whatever the reason you are selling or buying, Nat is here for you, human to human. Plus, she’s learned through careful observation and practice, the art of negotiation; how to effectively sell a home at top dollar, with the least amount of stress for her clients, and support buyers in the biggest investment they will make.  She is blessed to help and looks forward to serving you!