Kathryn Robin Walton

DRE: SA648407000

(336) 561-0543

About Me

Robin is a residential sales agent working in Rio Verde 8 miles to the north of Fountain Hills since 2013.  Prior to working in Real Estate Robin played professional golf on the LPGA Tour for 20 years, and coached Division I women's golf for 12 years.  Her unique background bring a unique set of skills to Robin's approach to Real Estate.

Coaching and teaching involve listening and finding a way to communicate with the student or prospective buyer or seller, finding a path to success, problem solving, taking on the project manager role, and being an advocate for their client or student.  The most successful coaches are good recruiters, and use their experience to find a good fit for both parties.

Come and join our desert community!  If you love golf and the natural beauty of the Arizona desert make the move the pros have made.

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