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A Little More About Julie and Lindsay

Posted On: February 8th, 2019 5:28PM

Julie Polito September



Being brought up in a military family cause us to move around a lot.  When I graduated high school and was able to choose where to live, I chose Phoenix.  Although I had only visited once before, the city had made quite an impact on me; I knew where I wanted to be. 


Over the years, I watched with great enthusiasm the Phoenix Metropolitan area grow structurally, economically and numerically.  These changes which have helped the city become well-known, stable, and appealing to both new residents and investors excite me.


After many years of working as a sales manager in telecommunications, I decided to change careers and join the real estate industry.  I became a residential appraiser in 2005, launching my own appraisal company, Desert Eagle Appraisals, in 2007. Enjoying the variance afforded to those in real estate, and eager for a new challenge, I expanded my industry experience by becoming a licensed realtor in 2013. Since my start, I have worked throughout the entire Phoenix Metro area, continually honing my expertise and expanding my professional network.  Having an appraiser on your team means you’ll never overpay on a purchase nor lose time or money by listing your property under or over market value.


I live in Fountain Hills with my husband and two dogs and am a proud mother to a United States Air Force officer and an ASU student. We love hospitality, and so enjoy opening our home to family and friends, barbequing on the patio and laughing over a game of ping pong. For many years, I was active on the board of the Arizona Lost Boys Center, which provided leadership and development for refugees from Sudan who were assimilating into the United States. 

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A Little More About Lindsay and Julie

Posted On: February 8th, 2019 5:14PM

Lindsay Zingg

Lindsay Zingg Business Headshot


I love homes.  This stems from my deep appreciation for design, a passion stimulated by that flawless combination of architecture, layout, and landscape that some homes achieve. Homes like this require only one thing: the right people to live life inside their walls.


I also love people. I enjoy the feeling of connecting with others, learning about their values, and about how they enjoy life. Different ages, personalities, backgrounds.  It's fantastic to be a part of such diversity.


I’ve lived in Arizona for twenty years, and have not only experience in both the sale and purchase of real estate, but also nishing and leasing of vacation rentals, design and maintenance of high-end desert landscape, and knowledge in remodeling and interior design.


My two children, ages eleven and thirteen, have joined me and my husband on numerous world travels.  We love spending time together, especially in nature, and you’ll find us on our breaks camping or backpacking.  We believe in taking care of this breathtaking world in which we live, so volunteering at animal rescues, championing environmental causes, and sharing God’s love are some of the things we strive to do.


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