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Recommendations From My Previous Clients

Posted On: February 28th, 2018 3:52AM

Some Referral Letters from my clients:


Laura and team were awesome!  I really liked the online portal to view the available homes at my convenience. Laura kept me informed throughout the process of purchasing my new home.  I purchased a home that was scheduled for auction.  When I finally got the approval for my offer, we were given less than thirty days to close.  Laura assembled an unbelievable team and made it happen!  She took care of everything, removing road blocks to made this time stress free for me.  At times, this required Laura to work into the early morning hours.  Not only is she a remarkable lady, she's a fantastic realtor to work with.  Laura truly knows what great customer service is.  If you’re looking for a comfortable experience and want someone you can trust.  Then I highly recommend Laura Talbott.



Gary Blazich



We lived in the same home in Glendale for 35 years. We needed to sell our home and buy a new home in Mesa  that was within a few miles from our family.

This was an impossible journey to figure out. We had lots of roots and reasons to stay in Glendale but our hearts needed to be closer to family. We looked for a Realtor that attended our Church, Central Christian Church, and worked in the East Valley.

We had no idea how to manage this journey, we just knew we needed the best realtor who would be able to help us overcome any hurdles and watch out for our best interest. That means we needed someone who was trust worthy, honest, fun to be with and someone we could call a friend.

While reaching out for this amazing person we located Laura Talbott. A true God send… Laura had all the requirements plus hundreds more that we did not know we would need until we entered into the task of finding a home. Laura helped us understand what our budget could purchase, then created an easy on line portal for us to shop for a home, at our pace, and keep working at the same time.

Laura quickly became our friend and expert on how to figure out our journey. We had hundreds of questions and Laura had thousands of correct answers and always just in time.

This gave us a high level of comfort during the buying process. Laura took all the time needed to answer our questions and help us understand every step in the process. She helped us find our forever home in Mesa.

If you are looking for a Smart, honest, truthful, kind and helpful Realtor. Call Laura!


Now we needed to sell our home and what an easy decision to ask Laura to take care of this process. After all the ways she took care of us during the buying process made it a for sure deal.  We would have the same care and help during the selling process.


Now we needed to sell our home in Glendale and we needed to find a Realtor who was a leader in the industry with a high level of integrity and could close the deal. Hands down this was Laura Talbott.

Laura quickly took over the selling process of our home and within 8 hours of being on the market Laura had a few offers and one of them was $5,000 over asking price.

We did check into online options for selling our home but Laura encouraged us to not take their low ball offer. We were beyond happy when Laura told us she had and offer that was $5,000 over our asking price. Laura’s expertise helped us sell our home for over $40,000 more dollars than we believed we could have ever made on our home. Laura then managed the selling process to the last detail…we then received a check for our home. Laura is the hardest working, fun loving person and exceptional realtor you will ever meet. Thank you Laura for all your help to meet out goals and dreams that will last a life time.


Alan and Cheryl McAbee


"I am so grateful for all the hard work Laura put in to helping me find and buy a house. And it wasn't just any house -- it was the perfect home for me. She is truly a full service realtor. She is incredibly thorough and knowledgable. She thinks of everything! I could not have bought my first house without her. Thank you again, Laura!"

Jamie Bennett- buyer 



Just a quick note of thanks to all of you who helped us through this process the past five weeks. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we maneuvered through this remotely and we admire your timeliness and professional attitude toward each other. A special thanks to Laura for going out her way numerous times to accommodate us and having our best interest in mind.


We haven’t bought a house in 24 years; it’s changed a little since then.  You all were very good to answer our detailed and probably obvious questions.  We loved being able to take care of this via emails and understand what was happening and what we were signing!  We’ll be in our new home on Sep 20 barring any more delays.


In Gratitude and Appreciation,


David & Jessica Davis

New Home Owner


To any potential home buyer or seller,

In the forty years I have bought or sold my family homes,I've dealt with many agents. None have come even close to the caliber of Laura Talbott. She is unmatched in her professionalism, dedication,hard work, attention to detail, and results. If anyone would like to speak with me,you are most welcome.



  Joe Gadzik. 480-985-5225



I have been a client of Laura Talbott’s  since March of 2015.  When Laura and I first met, Laura asked me what I was looking for in a house, and it was at that point that I began to realize that finding a house for me might be a challenge. I had several conditions that I felt were important and I remember wondering if Laura would be able to accomplish the task—I am typically not an easy person to please, and in looking for a home, I had some very specific ideas regarding neighborhood, .  One reason that I had doubts at all, was because of experiences I have had with other agents, some of whom had only one object: to find a house that they thought would make me happy enough to sign the purchase contract and allow them to collect their commission!  Laura, on the other hand, quickly wrote down my ideas about the perfect house and asked me to look through a Multi Listing Service and to communicate which ones I would like to see.  I was so impressed that Laura asked me to make the decision regarding which homes we would investigate.  Soon, I began to understand that Laura was just more interested in helping me, than selling me!  Laura always went the extra mile in finding a house, always knew the ins and outs of financing, always knew the real estate law, and always shared suggestions, but always allowed me to make final decisions regarding properties.   In short, Laura was a more a guide, helper, and friend than an agent.  She finally helped me find the perfect home, walked me through the financing, the underwriting, and even joined me for the signing of the documents.  I would recommend Laura without reservation! 


John Adams



We can’t thank you enough for all you did!

You did an absolutely fantastic job! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!


We nominate you for REATOR of the YEAR!  (Let us know how/where to do that)

And we’ll be spreading the word about your hard work and diligence.

We would not want to have had this experience without your guidance.

We look forward to our next adventure together!


John and Sharon Finitzer- listing- Horne



Hi Laura,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for everything you did for us in the process of buying our home.  I cannot say enough about how kind and professional you were. It didn’t seem to matter what time of day or night it was, if something came up you were right there. We knew nothing about the process of buying and you walked us through it and made sure we knew what was going on. It made things so much easier on us!  I am sure the reason buying our home went so smoothly was because of your knowledge and the care you give your clients  I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking to buy a home and I will truly miss you and the kindness and care you showed us.

I wish you only the best in the future!

John and Mary L.




This year I received a job opportunity in another state. Accepting the position required that I report to my new job 30 days from my acceptance. After accepting the job, I immediately hired Laura Talbott as my realtor. Laura had represented me 3 years earlier when I purchased this property and did a phenomenal job. From the initial stage of listing my home, all the way through the closing of escrow. Laura was there for me through the entire process. My situation was unique in the fact that I had to move before my home was actually sold. Laura took the stress out of this situation by handling every aspect of the sell, which allowed me to focus on my move. Laura went above and beyond her job and far exceeded all of my expectations.


Travis Driskill



"We recently purchased a home and Laura Talbott was referred to me by a few co-workers who had recently hired her as their real estate agent. What I expect from my real estate agent is someone who is knowledgeable with the current local market, communicates open and honestly, has my best interest in mind and most importantly someone that I can trust 100%. Laura exceeded every expectation that we had and made our home purchase easy and stress free, plus we got the perfect house for our family.  Laura will always be our real estate agent."


Travis Driskill



            I was fortunate just recently to have the pleasure of working with Laura on a purchase transaction for a mutual client.  She knows her business and is on top of every detail in the transaction.  She bent over backwards to get the contract approved (short sale) and made sure she protected our client in the process.  It was a pleasure to work with someone who is so professional, so knowledgeable and so friendly and I would highly recommend Laura to my clients.  I’m anxiously awaiting another opportunity to work with her again.  Thanks, Laura, for being the type of realtor I want working with my clients!


Jill Waldrop- Senior Mortgage Consultant at Velocity Financial


Thank you.  I really appreciate you being a “Sales Agent”, not too often we have agents that really walk through everything with the buyers.  Hopefully we do more business together.  J Title Officer- Feb 2015


from Margie Ramirez—Security title




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