James Little

DRE: SA550723000

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About Me

The home selling and buying experience is both exciting and stressful (at times). Why?  

A lot of it's because we always stress over what we don't know and make things MUCH bigger in our minds than they really are.  It's perfectly normal.  BUT,  it doesn't have to be your home selling/buying experience.

Taking care of your needs, adding your home to ARMLS, showing you homes around the Valley, writing contracts, and so on - thats the starting point of what you should expect from any real estate agent. 

Not Me - Not My Group - Not Here - Not Now - Not Ever.

Our objective is to make this an Awesome experience for you and with you.

Why can't this be fun?
Why can't you have the least amount of hassles during the process?
Why can't I think of another question here?

The answer:  We CAN.  And if you're the type of person who likes to have fun, you WILL!

We'll keep you in the loop so much until you tell us to "Slow it down a little, cowboy."  And it's just not what's happening...but why...and what to expect next.

If you're still reading this then you're my kind of client.  Let me sell your home using our ZERO RISK LISTING program or help you find your dream home with our ZERO RISK BUYER program.  


If you've gotten THIS far then I'd like to send you a free gift - it's our STRIVE FOR PERFECTION, SETTLE FOR EXCELLENCE wristband.  Classically styled in RED with white lettering.  It's my personal motto and what I shoot for every day.  I'd like to share it with you.

To claim yours simply do one of the following:

  • Text the word STRIVE to me at 602-315-2315
  • Email me with the word STRIVE in the Subject Line at jlittle@vclient.com
  • Call me and say "Jimbo, where's my wristband!"

We'll get one out to you ASAP.  

Oh, by the way, I support youth sports and feel that our kids need to get out and develop a love and habit of excercise.  For every wristband I send out I also put a donation aside to help pay for a young athlete's registration to be able to participate in sports - any sport.