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Need to upsize?

Posted On: June 24th, 2021 12:42PM

1. You use your Peloton as a coat rack

Listen, we all have ambitious fitness goals, but let’s put those coats in your brand new walk-in closet and get you on that exercise equipment! (Or at least back to telling yourself you’ll work out next week, but in a bigger house…)


2. You need a schedule for bathroom use

If you’re constantly fearing a knock on the door, or someone barging in when you’re in there, an extra bathroom (or two) could be a huge improvement in your life.


3. Someone has that seat during holidays

Large family gatherings are great. What’s not so fun is being relegated to the corner of the table, or even worse, the “kids’ table” when you’re rapidly approaching your 30th birthday. Listen, it’s not your fault, maybe you just need that extra two feet of dining room to accommodate everyone—even that one uncle with the weird conspiracy theories.


4. There’s a bathroom within four feet of your kitchen

Who in the world ever thought that was a good idea? Those aren’t the smells you want to smell when mom is making her signature dish. No thank you.


5. You have annual attic/basement cleanout days

Fun for the whole family! Whether it’s part of your spring cleaning regime, or a necessity to protect the structural integrity of the house, you got yourself a storage problem. Now one could address the underlying problems that cause you to hold onto that broken pool cleaner, or you could just get a bigger attic.


6. You keep stepping on your pets

It’s one of the worst experiences a pet owner can endure. You’re minding your own business walking to the living room and you accidentally step on a paw or tail. You feel the pit in your stomach, hoping you didn’t hurt them. They’re fine, but maybe toss a treat or two (and a bigger floorplan) towards the little guy to make up for it.


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