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Real Estate Tips

5 things For Buyers to know


1. Before looking to buy a home, always go to a reputable lender and get pre qualified, that will allow the seller to know that you are serious and ready to move forward on the purhase.

2. Once you are pre-qualified to purchase never go out and purchase an expensive item on credit, such as a new car or new furniture for you home!

3.  Always make sure that you turn in required documentation to the lender in a timely manner so that the Close of Escrow is not held up, the seller may not sell you the home, if you are not able to close on time.

4. If you are near an airport, make sure that you are aware of the possible noise issues before making a decision to purchase

5. Always check the neighborhood by doing a drive around, look for stores and restaurants as well as the condition of the neighborhood.


6 things for Sellers to know


1.  Make sure that you have repaired any items that you are aware of before they end up on an inspection list!

2.  Leave the neighborhood and come back thinking like a buyer and look at the front of your home, if it needs "help" to look nice then give it that upift!  A fresh coat of paint  can make all the difference!

3.  We all love our kids and pets and their awards, please don't leave them all over the walls and house, the new buyer won't be able to dream that it's theirs as they are looking through.

4.  Smells --  we all love certain smells, like apple pie or chocolate cookies, but not animals or dirty sneakers!  Find a few candles or warmers and place in different rooms!  If you need to please have the carpets cleaned and leave the sneakers outside!

5.  Please remember not everyone loves animals, place your animal in a kennel or leave with them if possible, cats too, and don't stay to answer any questions, the REALTOR is well qualified to do just that, you may inadvertently give away the kitchen sink!!

6. Never leave anything of value out in plain site!  A REALTOR can not be expected to know what is and is not valuable to you!