Andrew Goodman

DRE: SA686656000

(520) 481-1581


When looking to sell your house, you need a real estate agent who can effectively handle both marketing and sales. Unlike most agents, I was able to hone these two critical skills over the course of a decade BEFORE ever getting into real estate in the retail and cannabis industry. Unlike most industries, the marketing and sales of cannabis has a lot of restrictions, which forced me to discover new and unique strategies for effectively getting our message out there to consumers. I utilize this same creativity when it comes to selling your house, on top of the industry standards that other agents are using, which allows me to effectively market homes that other agents have struggled to sell. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, which is why I lean on my experience to efficiently produce targeted marketing messages to ensure your property is seen by interested and motivated buyers. 

As a military veteran, serving others is central to who I am as an individual. Helping my clients will always be my top priority, but helping out the larger community is a very close second. This is why, after we successfully sell your house, I make a donation to a charity within the local community of my client’s choice! While other agents might be extrinsically motivated by building their business, I am intrinsically motivated to build up resources for our local community.