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Real Estate Tips

Preparing to List Your Home for Sale:  Before you go to begin, make a call to your Realtor first. (I'd love to be your Realtor!) Your agent will be able to help you know the most productive and most cost effective ways to update, clean-up or prepare to list. Not all upgrades are equal!  The simplest and most cost-effective things to do include cleaning, paint, decluttering and a welcome front entry. In any case, enlist the help of the expert, your Realtor.


Is Selling My Home Going to be a Hassle: It shouldn't be difficult. You'll be asked to leave your home for usually15-30 minutes during a showing. It should be clean. That's it, and showings can be scheduled to make this easy for you. Your Realtor should be taking much of the hassle away. In return for some inconvenience, you will gbet a much better price.


Pets Can be Tricky: We love our critters, so arrangements must be made to show the home without frightening or endangering your pet or potential buyers. It is never a good idea to allow a loose dog in the home during a showing. Some people are terrified of dogs, and we don't always know how the dog may behave. Discuss pets with your agent.


Fatal Flaws: Some homes may have serious condition issues, such as a leaky roof, broken piping, and so forth. If this is the case, talk to your Realtor for advice about whether it's better to make repairs or sell in "as is" condition.


Buyers Beware: Although it is ultimately the buyer's responsibility to discover problems, your Realtor is there to help you see and search for problems. For example, soil conditions or neighborhood problems, the things you might not consider asking should be well known by your Realtor. 


How Much Can You Afford:  Many buyers believe if they can pay a certain dollar amount monthly for rent, they will have no problem with a house payment. That may be true, but only a lender can help you know how much loan you may qualify to receive. Check with a lender before shopping for a home. If you need good lending referrals, check with your Realtor.