Debbie Kimball

DRE: BR554958000

(602) 318-1819


My husband and I moved to the Valley of the Sun so that my husband could pursue an advanced degree at ASU.  We moved with a brand new baby but no family or friends. Quickly our neighbors became like family and slowly we talked a few family members to come join us by having them visit in the winter.  

I worked at a small business in Gilbert for a year as their Director of Marketing and then decided to do Real Estate School at night.  With our 2nd child on the way, I finished school, passed the tests, got my license and never looked back!  

In 2005, Arizona had one of the hottest markets in the country.  Everyone had their license and selling homes was so easy as any property listed had a half dozen offers the first day.  Buying on the other hand wasn't so easy.  After a couple of years riding that bubble, the market crashed...hard!  Short sales and foreclosures dominated the market for years and learning the long and "short" of that kind of crash was difficult but had to be done for real estate to move forward.

Eventually, things turned around, although it took longer than I had ever imagined.  Prices started to slowly go back up as the economy put itself back together. 

Throughout my career I have had opportunities to act as a Broker and Trainer. After completing more schooling and more tests I received my Broker's License in 2008.  These experiences allowed me to see a different perspective of the real estate industry which I deeply value and continues to help me today. Those experiences have also kept me at the top of my game when it comes to contracts, current events and real estate issues. 

I feel lucky to have experienced such a broad range of market extremes and different real estate roles.  My family has grown not only by more kids (two girls and two boys now), but also the many clients who have now become like family too. I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients navigate the selling process.  I've loved helping my loyal clients through mulitple transactions and still get a feeling of complete satisfaction when walking new home buyers through the process for the first time.   

Below:  My family in Snow Canyon.  Hiking, adventure and travel are among the things I enjoy when I'm not working.

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