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Listing Your Home

Tips on Listing your home

Home Buying Tips

Tips on buying a home
Reference Document

Short sale and deficiency

Seller advise


Short Sale Process

Learn about the basics of short sale process

Distressed Property

distress property and Anti deficiency explained

Short Sale VS. Foreclosure

comparing short sale vs. foreclosure

Anti dificeincy statutes

Anti deficiency

Anti dificiency

Anti dificiency for investors vs home owner

Common Appraisal Issues

Home Smart broker discussing about common appraisal issues.

Short Sale Basics

anti-deficiency protection and the short sale process.

sellers tip

Tips on selling your home

Real Estate investing

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing in Seven Basic Steps

Spring lawn maintainance

maintaining your lawn

Home maintenance

Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips for First Time Home Owners

Home Maintenance checklist

Home maintenance checklist