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Real Estate Tips

Tips for Buyers

  1. Financing - If you are going to get a loan to purchase your home - get pre approved before you start looking. You will then know how much you can qualify for, what your monthly payment is and will know how much the closing costs are likely to be. You will need your pre qualification letter to submit with your offer so if you see a home you want to offer on you will be ready to make that offer on your dream home.
  2. Find a Real Estate Aent - there are many websites and internet companies our there - but if you work with your Real Estate Agent they will guide you through the home buying process and will work in your best interests at all time to find you a property that best meets your needs and at a good price.
  3. Location, Location, Location - you can always change the home - but not the location - so if location is key to you chose a home in the location that you want - you can always spend time afterwards in repainting the home, or remodeling or updating the garden. If you settle for a home in another location - you will always be looking for a way to get back to your dream location.
  4. The Contract - read the details of the purchase contract before you sign - you Real Estate Agent will go through these with you in detail. This is legally binding so make sure you are happy with what you sign.
  5. Home Inspection - once you find your home and your offer is accepted, hire an inspector to check out all of the important stuff in the home, the plumbing, electrical etc.