Jennifer Brown

DRE: sa636891000

(602) 980-8988
(602) 230-7600 (Office)


I moved to Arizona back in the 80's with my family from the midwest when new home development was on the rise! My family background comes from new home construction, custom construction, and home energy efficiency consulting. I remember spending my young days walking through homes in all construction phases and accredit my life long exposure to my knowledge and expertise. Purchasing and selling a home is an important life decision and I strive to make it fun and exciting for both Buyers and Sellers! 


I have a record of successful closing of real estate transactions utilizing my professional sales experience throughout the valley. I am proficient in preparation of real estate’s files and contracts, property research skills, and coordination with multiple vendors while providing an excellent customer service experience in a dynamic real estate setting. Why not make the process fun? 

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