Zaia Zomaia

DRE: SA695659000

(480) 243-2431
(602) 230-7600 (Office)


My name is Zaia but I go by  Zee as sometimes people find my first name hard to pronounce so thats my first challenge I put you up to when we first get to meet. My background is pretty much everything and anything that has to do with computers but primarily at the present time, I educate people on network security. I have recently decided to become a real estate agent because I enjoy helping people and like some would call me " people's person" or " the go to guy for anything". I am honest, trustworthy, and straight forward. I understand what it means to own a home because I became a home owner not too long ago. I understand all the hard work that gets put into getting a home or selling your home. Which is why I will make the process for you very easy but at  same time, will do everything together and one step at a time to ensure we complete a successful sell or buy.