Scott Haberman

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"We all need a place to live.  We need a roof over our heads and a place to feel safe. Sometimes we have the option of living in a grand mansion.  Other times a modest cottage can fit the bill.  However, in the end, we want a place of our own"

Scott Haberman - Realtor


In designing this website I searched the internet for cleaver quotes about real estate.  I was looking for that perfect hook that would make a dramatic statement about the power of the home.  All I found were references to sales successes and the power of real estate as an investment.  Real estate is so much more that an investment.  Real estate is a reflection of who we are, our dreams. our goals,  I have flipped, I have flopped, I have succeeded and, I have mentored. Thus ,my quote above which reflects my belief in residential real estate.


So who am I?  I am a licensed Realtor in Arizona for over 10 years. Three years as a Making Home Affordable Specialist helping people retain their homes.  Three years as a Transaction Manager with the Arizona Department of Housing where I underwrote the Federal  Hardest Hit Fund Program.  I have completed over nine successful fix and flip projects in Arizona, while recently completing a tax deed purchase and sale in the state of Wisconsin..