Nancy Schmid

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It's hard to find a  "native" Phoenician anymore people tell me.  I always thought that a strange statement because I know so many who were born and raised in the Valley of the Sun.  That must just come from growing up here.   I'm proud to be a 2nd generation native of the Phoenix area.  My grandfather came to Arizona 2 weeks before statehood in 1912.  He farmed and ranched in what is now Central Phoenix (24th Avenue & Thomas).  Oh, I wish he would have kept his 25 acres he farmed longer than he did!  My other grandfather arrived about 1932 and became a Commercial contractor - again, wish he had the foresight to buy up all that land I heard about on Bell road for $1 (yes $1 dollar!) an acre!  Even my dad, who was a bricklayer building homes and businesses all across the valley for 40+ years- and outside of the property he built our home on, he didn't invest in land.  Back then people said General McCormick was crazy for buying that land that is now McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale.  Heck, this is the DESERT, who in the world would want to live here and how would they survive!!


Times have definitely changed, but the Valley is still a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  I grew up around 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road- back then we were the "outskirts" of town!  Once on my own, each time I moved, I moved further North and further West. 


For the past 18 years, I have lived in the North Glendale/ Peoria area with my husband and critter(s).  My family on both sides still all live in the state.  Arizona will always be my home.  My love for the area guides much of my purpose in my real estate career.  It is thrilling for me to help others find a home- whether it is just their next home, or their forever home, I live each moment with you, just as if it were my home.


For many years, I had a main career in the pet products industry- both as a buyer and as a selling agent.  I spent 17 years procuring products for PetSmart before going out on my own as an Independent sales agent.  It was also about this time that I began my career in real estate as kind of a side job!  That was 2004 when I became an agent, and 2008 when I left my corporate career.  I haven't looked back since.  I took all the negotation skills and management training from my corporate life and encorporated it into my sales career.

I still maintain a couple of clients that I help within the pet industry, just because I love all pets!


For fun, we love to camp and ride off-road.  Each summer, we load up anywhere from 5-8 grandkids depending and take them for a week of riding somewhere in the Southwest- it is a great opportunity for real family time (without electronic devices or video games!).  We explore the areas and visit the national parks, indian ruins, or whatever is around.  We watch wildlife, build campfires and play regular board games at night - much like I did with my dad 50 years ago. 


Whatever your motivation is for your next home search, bring someone along who knows the Valley,  shares the passion of the hunt, loves the negotiation of the deal, and the satisfaction of bringing happiness to another family- I am just that agent!