The Monroy Team

DRE No: BR523915000

+1(623) 388-7500

About Me

When clients hire The Monroy Team, they are hiring a Real Estate Team with over 20 years experience in the real estate industry.  Jessica Monroy is the Team Lead of The Monroy Team.  Her career started in 1995 when she went to work for one of the nation's leading escrow companies, First American Title. In 2000, she branched off into real estates sales. Her resume includes selling new homes, residential resale homes, and owning and operating her own real estate company for 5 years. Jessica is currently an Associate Broker.  All of The Monroy Team members have a minimum of over 1yr experience selling real estate in Arizona, so you can rest easy knowing professionals with experience are handling your sale. The Monroy Team's business focus is to represent Buyers and Sellers in residential home purchases and sales. Full-time Realtors with passion for what we do!

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