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About Me

Born and raised in California, I moved to Arizona more than 20 years ago. A full time agent, I live in the West Valley and have wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in the Phoenix Metro area. My goal is to simplify the buying and selling process as much as possible for you by using state of the art technology and providing excellent service. Your concerns are my concerns. Your phone calls and emails are answered quickly and thoroughly. I really do have my clients best interests at heart. If you are planning on purchasing a home and are not already working with a lender, I can refer you to an excellent lender that offers all loans types including Zero and Low down payment loans.  I provide Top Notch service whether buying or selling your home. It is important for everyone to know there are 2 grant loans offered in Arizona for a limited time, requiring Zero or little down for everyone, not just first time buyers. You can actually purchase home in Arizona for less money than required to rent home!  For first time buyers, I break down how the process works below.

*Break Down Of The Home Buying Process*

1 . Get prequalified with a lender . A prequalification letter is needed to make an offer on any home unless you are purchasing with cash, in which case you will need to show proof of funds, such as a bank statement.

2 . Your realtor will take you home shopping, showing you the homes you wish to see and then write your offer when you find the home you want.   

3 . You submit an offer to the seller and if accepted, the next step is to open escrow. Escrow is considered open once the title company has received your earnest deposit. From here, the process takes about 35 days to close on your home, which is when I hand you the keys.

4 . Set up a professional home inspection. ($250.00 -

$350.00) You have 10 days, from the day the offer is agreed upon, to respond to the seller regarding the inspection. You then decide if you accept the property in its current condition or ask the seller to make repairs noted in the inspection report. A seller can choose to do some, all or none of the repairs . If an agreement is not reached on this, you can choose to cancel the contract and receive

your earnest money back from the title company.

5 . The lender will order the appraisal, which the buyer pays for through the lender at that time. (approx . $450.00 ) This takes anywhere from one to two weeks to be completed. If the property does not appraise for the agreed upon purchase price,the seller can agree to reduce the price to the appraised amount or cancel the contract. If the seller will not reduce to the appraised price, the buyer will have to cancel, unless they are paying cash, and the buyer will receive their earnest money back from the title company.

6 . 2 - 3 days before close your realtor will schedule final walk through of the home to be sure it is in the same condition and/or agreed upon repairs have been made.

7 . Once the title company receives the loan documents from the lender, the title company will send you the settlement statement and contact you to schedule an appointment to sign the paperwork on your new home. Once recorded, the home is legally yours! Your realtor will contact you to let you know it has recorded and arrange to give you the keys to your new home.  

The quickest way to reach me is by phone·at 623-910-5765 or email