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Invest your "NESTEGG" in Real Estate

Solar or NO Solar?

Posted On: October 5th, 2021 10:04PM

I recently got a quote on my own house to give you some realistic numbers. In my household we used 13456 Kwh for the previous year, cahrging us an average of $185/mo. or $2220/year. Using these numbers I was told I would need 22 roof top panels, for a total cost including tax and Installation of $20,879. I would get a 26% Federal Tax Credit for $5755 and a $1000 Tax credit from the State of Arizona, so my adjusted cost would be $15,381. Without any increases in the electric rate we're being charged today, that would pay for itself in 7 years. If electric rates went up 5% a year, it would pay for itself in less than 6 years. This Company will even finance at extremely low interest rates. When your Solar is installed, your electric rate freezes at the current rate, so no more rate increases. This Company also has a 25 year warranty on their eqipment. If you are interested I would  be happy to share the contact information for this reputable Company. You can also compare these numbers with whom you choose. In either event stay away from Leased Solar and door to door Salespeople. I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Thanks for reading.

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Benefits of Beneficiary Deeds

Posted On: August 11th, 2021 9:02PM

An Arizona beneficiary deed form has several benefits that make it a popular estate planning tool:

  • Probate Avoidance– Most people who create a beneficiary deed do so to avoid probate. Probate can be a time-consuming and expensive legal proceeding. Property that passes by a valid beneficiary deed skips the probate process and passes directly to the beneficiaries without court involvement.
  • Retained Control– A property owner who signs a beneficiary deed form keeps complete control over the property during his or her life. The owner can sell, mortgage, or rent the property without involving the named beneficiaries. If the owner changes his or her mind, the owner can simply revoke the deed or name different beneficiaries. This retained control distinguishes beneficiary deed form from the olderlife estate deed form.
  • Local Tax Benefits– Because the beneficiary deed does not become effective until death, the owner is treated as continuing to own the property during life. This allows the property to continue to qualify for local tax benefits like homestead exemption or other favorable tax status.
  • Federal Tax Savings– The owner’s retained control over the property means that the gift to the beneficiaries is not a completed gift during the owner’s life. This means that no gift tax is owed if the property is transferred by gift. It also means that the property will qualify for the full basis step-up at the owner’s death, effectively erasing any capital gains.
  • No Legal Fees– The benefits described above can all be achieved with aliving trust. But living trusts are more complex and can cost thousands of dollars. A beneficiary deed provides a lower-cost alternative with many of the same benefits.

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Crazy Market

Posted On: August 11th, 2021 9:01PM

This market continues to be "crazy", which makes it more difficult for the buyers to make offers. There are some things buyers can do to be more competitive. Close communication to their agent on a daily basis can help find properties just coming on the market. Buyers need to be prequalified and ready to pull the trigger in a very short amount of time. Some options to help with their contract  include, but are not limited to,  All Cash Offers, Higher than list price offers, escalation clauses, and Higher amounts  for Earnest money. Using some of these tactics will have a much better chance of getting property they want.  
Some sellers don't want to accept offers, if buyer hasn't physically seen the property , so if possible, it's best if Buyers are here. I hope that helps. Good Luck out there. Thanks for reading.


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Are "I" Buyers the future?

Posted On: December 19th, 2019 6:32PM


This is new to our industry and may work for you. There is no staging, cleanup, or time questions, and no real estate commissions. Put simply, these I Buyers pay cash for your home. These are some of the “Pros” and “cons” of using an “I Buyer”.  It is certainly FAST, CERTAIN, CONVENIENT, FLEXIBLE & CONTROLLABLE. These are all “PRO’s”. However the “I Buyer” will pay a discounted Price and charge fees up to 15%. The bottom line, is YOUR BOTTOM LINE! In most cases, your NET PROCEEDS will be 13%-15% LOWER using an I Buyer than your Professional Realtor. Your Realtor is trying to get you the most money for your home and charges a Commission usually based on the sales price. They don’t get paid until you get paid, like having a Professional partner helping you along the way from Listing to Close. I hope this short explanation has been informative. I would be happy to discuss all options with you, at no obligation. My consultations are to see what’s best for you, whether you’re buying, selling, or NOT! Thanks for reading!


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Invest your Ne$tegg in Real Estate

Posted On: November 10th, 2014 6:42PM

All these years our Bankers told us that we should buy CDs with our 401Ks, SEPs, & IRAs. Our Stock Brokers told us all about Mutual Funds, Stocks & Bonds.  NO ONE told us that we can buy CDs, Stocks & Bonds AND Investment Real Estate. We can buy anything we want to invest in by using a "Self Directed" entity. These companies are operating nation wide. Their fees are reasonable and the rules, you will find, you can live with. You can even go in "partners" with your retirement account. I will post some of these companies here in this blog for your convenience. However, if you google "Self Directed IRAs", I'm sure you'll find even more. At this time, with real Estate Prices back to 2004 or less and rates being very reasonable, you might consider doing this. If you would like to invest in Southern Arizona, I can be of service to you. Good luck & here's the list.

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