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Solar or NO Solar?

Posted On: October 5th, 2021 10:04PM

I recently got a quote on my own house to give you some realistic numbers. In my household we used 13456 Kwh for the previous year, cahrging us an average of $185/mo. or $2220/year. Using these numbers I was told I would need 22 roof top panels, for a total cost including tax and Installation of $20,879. I would get a 26% Federal Tax Credit for $5755 and a $1000 Tax credit from the State of Arizona, so my adjusted cost would be $15,381. Without any increases in the electric rate we're being charged today, that would pay for itself in 7 years. If electric rates went up 5% a year, it would pay for itself in less than 6 years. This Company will even finance at extremely low interest rates. When your Solar is installed, your electric rate freezes at the current rate, so no more rate increases. This Company also has a 25 year warranty on their eqipment. If you are interested I would  be happy to share the contact information for this reputable Company. You can also compare these numbers with whom you choose. In either event stay away from Leased Solar and door to door Salespeople. I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Thanks for reading.

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