Ted Anderson

DRE: SA638921000

(480) 639-7561


Let my Experience, Education, Dedication, Service, Integrity and Professionalism GO to Work for You.


When it comes to real estate services in the State of Arizona, you owe it to yourself to have one of the best teams of agents backing you up through whatever you may be seeking. My name is Ted Anderson, and I am proud to be offering realty services for Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert Queen Creek,  Maricopa and beyond! Many Arizona communities have come to rely upon me as their real estate specialist, and there is no reason that you should not hire me for the same purposes. Once you see what we are capable of doing for you, you will never want to hire any other agent. People see for themselves that we are a business dedicated to customer satisfaction, and will continue doing our thing that is going to work in your favor. If you decide to go about any real estate transaction, hiring an agent is all the more important. We will always do what we can to ease your issues that you may be having with the event at hand. It is our experts that know what they are doing on the market; let this expertise and knowledge work in your corner!

What is it that sets my company apart from the other local agencies? You will see for yourself when you pay your first visit to our company website. Once again, we are making ourselves known and continuing to cater to all of the other customers on the market in need of our assistance. Learn more about the market today, and it will not be long at all before you are able to start your transaction. Why hire us instead of another realty business? Our track record is best in the business, and before long at all, it could be the thing that ends up working in your favor. Look at our website and you will see a number of positive reviews and testimonials that could end up making you all the more confident in that which we are able to bring your way. Knowing your realty company is reliable is a huge plus; we do what we can to make people all the more comfortable with the market. No one should be out there on their own and we want to make sure our business is going to be there in your corner throughout it all. These pros are the best ones to make things work for you.

The things that we do are going to make a world of difference for you. Why continue being stuck out there without having people help you out? No one should have to be stranded out there on their own without any means of support. Give me a call today, and we will begin working together, creating a detailed, step by step plan that will get you closer to having your goals out here accomplished. People buying and selling alike will get the things that they want most of all on the market; we also work with people that want to rent out their properties, and potentially become investors. Because of all of this, people are seeing results when they come on board with us. It helps us to maintain repeat business with our clients; something we continue to pride ourselves out there over the years passing. Once more, our agents continue to get to where their customers most want to be. It is because we have all of these things working in our favor that we are better able to help people out. Come on board today, and things will be easier for you by a considerable margin.

Ted Anderson



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