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About Me

Maricopa, AZ's #1 Realtor

Is your family growing? Are you ready to move into a bigger space that can accommodate your changing needs? Do you need help finding your dream home or selling your current property? Whether you hope to buy or sell, hiring a local Maricopa, AZ real estate agency helps to ease some of the stress while you go through the transition of moving your family to your new home.

More Than 5 Years of Experience

I'm Dayv Morgan, an experienced realtor in Maricopa, AZ. I am the #1 Realtor in Maricopa, as well as  Pinal County, and I am serious about what I do. I earned my license in 2009 and was the top realtor in the city by 2010. I sold more than 500 homes in my first five years and continue to average 100 per year. What's my secret? I simply strive to provide the best service possible for every client.

If you're selling a home in the Maricopa, AZ area, I consult with you to help you determine where you could make improvements that add value to the home for sale. I'll even pay the upfront costs for the renovation. You pay nothing until your home sells. If you want to buy a new home, we can discuss what you need and what you want from a property. Whether you're looking for a modern home in an upscale neighborhood or a traditional one on a large plot of land outside the city, I'm your Realtor.

I Specialize in Distressed Properties

In addition to my experience with my Maricopa, AZ, real estate agency, I am a Certified Distressed Property Expert. What does this mean for you? It means I have a thorough understanding of the turbulence that occurs in the real estate industry, including how to help you avoid foreclosure. If you're facing foreclosure, allow me to teach you how a short sale can help.

A True Member of the Community

I am more than a realtor in Maricopa, AZ; I'm also a resident. After graduating from Arizona State University with a marketing degree, I was a missionary in Japan. I married my wife in 1998 and we moved to Maricopa in 2006. Today, we enjoy spending time with our four boys, playing volleyball and getting into the Christmas spirit. We love the holiday season so much that our decorations fill two storage units. A video of our decorations even went viral in 2015. My family and I are truly immersed in this community – your community.

Contact Me Today

Are you ready to learn more about hiring a realtor in Maricopa, AZ? I’m ready to help. Contact me, Dayv Morgan, at my Maricopa, AZ, real estate agency by calling 480-251-4231.

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