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In 2008, life changed. Although it seemed for the worse, today I look back and know it was for the best and a "part" of the process of life!


As with everything I've been apart of, diving in and understanding the "how" and "why" something works, or why it's built a certain way has been at my core. Give me the "details", the "facts", and we will find the solution together.  Why? Because failure is NOT an option. Some "things" are just a part of your identity, and so it is with my current business as well!

At Mariano & Co., LLC and Team Mariano - Home Smart we have been on "purpose" about our direction in the Real Estate/Housing Industry, and we have set ourselves apart from the competition by holding two licenses, a Real Estate License and a General Contracting License. This unique combination of knowledge and skill has opened MANY doors, and allows our company the ability to extend services to clients that others can not.


Since 2008, we've worked with Real Estate; Buying and Selling properties, Completing over 125+ Complete Property Re-Models and 100+ Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels.  We offer products ranging from entry level to fully custom, depending on your requirements. Now, we are offering a unique financing propisition to anyone interested in remodeling their home before buying a home or selling their home. Contact us today to find out more!



Kindest Regards,


Vic Mariano & Team Mariano