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1. What does a realtor do?


We help people buy and sell homes. We can show you homes for sale in person. We look at homes all day so we have a good understanding of the market. 


We write the contracts and assist with questions and negotiating to help our clients navigate the process. 



2. Do I need a realtor if I'm buying a house?


No but it doesn't cost your anything to have one because the seller pays both realtors commissions (they typically split it). In fact, I give you back $1500 of my commission as a rebate. 



3. How does the buyer rebate work exactly?  


Example: You are my client and would like to buy a home. We find a great home, have an offer accepted and close on it for 200K. The seller's realtor and myself would both recieve about 3% each or $6,000 each. I would then rebate $1500 of my commission to you so I have $4500 and you put $1500 in your pocket toward your down payment. 



4. I want to buy a brand new house from a large homebuilder, can I still use you as my realtor and get the $1500?


YES, as long as I'm there the first time you visit their office to sign in, they would pay me for bringing them a buyer and I'll then give you the $1500 at closing. 



5. Can I see ALL the homes for sale in my area?


Yes, I'll set you up a buyer portal for free. 



6. What is a buyer portal? 


Simply send me your email address and I'll set you up with an interactive MLS link that shows you all the homes in your area and price range.


It updates automatically each day so you don't miss the perfect house. If you find a house you love, I'll be ready to check it's availability and show you in person. 



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