Askia Muhammad

DRE: SA669606000

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Meet Askia Muhammad


Askia Muhammad is a successful business owner and an exceptional sales leader. He was practically born into entrepreneurship. He was born the youngest of seven and is one of six in his family who own their own business including his mother and father.  Family is the most important things to Askia, as he has been sculpted and molded by his exceptional family.  As a child if you asked Askia what he wanted to be when he “grew up” he would say a “School Bus Driver”. If you asked why he would say “because driver always is so happy and it must be fun to drive the big bus all day.”


As Askia grew older during Junior High he started working for his older brother. At the time he didn’t realize it but he had started his education with a front row seat to small business. It was during this time he had discovered he wanted to own his own business but like his first career choice he wanted to enjoy his work like his bus driver in kindergarten years before.


Askia is a hard worker and a smart worker with a leader mentality. From playing varsity football to later in the AZFL, graduating with his Bachelors Degree in Business, and later with his Masters Degree in Business Management, to starting, owning, and maintaining solid business who support his community and provide local jobs. He is here to serve you!


Local Business:

Real Estate Agency

Insurance Agency



MBA/Business Management




REALTOR®- Sales Agent



  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Life
  • Heath

Additional Certification:

K-12 Teaching certificate


Last and most important:

A Father!