Inger Hebert

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About Me

About Inger 


Inger has been a practicing licensed real estate agent for over 15 year in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. 

As a native Arizonan, and coming from a legacy of real estate professionals, her vast knowledge of the area market and history allows her to market and sell her listings quickly and efficiently. This allows for smooth transactions and happy buyers and sellers. 


Over the past 7 years she has worked with many investors and companies to evaluate and analyze their properties to help insure that the investments were sound and earning a proper return on investment for the clients

This has been an exciting experience to really understand what is happening in the quickly changing Arizona market.

The knowledge she has because of these projects benefits every one of her clients when listing their homes. In today’s market you must keep on top of what each sector of the market is doing to stay in line with pricing, this will allow for a quicker and successful sale.


In the 15 years of real estate Inger has participated in many different areas of real estate. She looks at each opportunity as a way to better herself and her abilities to properly negotiate on behalf of her clients. She has not only worked with investors, and residential buyers, but has worked for and with various new home builders with in the area. For her clients this means she understands the builder’s mindset, and also knows how to protect her client’s interest from the first time they walk into the new community to the day they are handed the keys to their brand new home. It takes time to build a quality home and it takes time to really understand and respect the real estate industry from every different area there is.


With the market ups and downs she has seen over the past 15 years a person really has to have a passion to weather the storm. With that being said, Inger’s client’s dreams, wants and needs become hers. When a problem arises she will rarely accepts the words “IT Cannot Be Done.” In most instances it may take time but there is usually a solution to an issue. When many agents stop she keeps going, she will research and ask and pry open doors because her number one priority is making you happy.

In her mind she cannot lay her head down to sleep at night until she is sure each of her client’s needs of the day have been met. What that means to her clients is you will most likely see emails late into the night and the wee hours of the morning to make sure that any issues, concerns or updates have been met. And in the morning a call or text to verify that your expectations were met. Real estate can be very emotional and she understands communication and assurance from your agent is the best way to make it a less stressful life event.


Inger has a degree in business and marketing, she loves to find new and innovative ideas to market homes. She works with marketing personnel often and pushes them to think out of the box. She feels that if you just do what every other agent is doing how will the house stand out from the others?  So with that understood during a listing presentation she involves the sellers in the decisions that will be made to best market their home she allows them to have a say in what will be done to market their home. So you will never see a canned marketing presentation because frankly not every approach is right for every home and area. Her first meeting will normally be more of a discussion of what each side’s expectation is and will all parties be a good fit together. Not every client and every agent will mesh well, and if she feels that the client and she are not a match she will offer names of agents that may be a better fit for the client and the property. In some cases it is in the client’s best interest to have a more specialized agent help with the transaction.  


If you are interested in speaking with Inger about your real estate needs please feel free to call her at (480) 788-0377 or email her at