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Entry Level Buyers...Last Call!! Phoenix

Things are changing here in that Valley of the Sun as our real estate market continues it's recovery. The good news is that prices are going up. The bad news for entry level buyers is that prices are going up and more and more entry buyers are going to be priced out of market.

For homes priced at $150,000 and below there is less than one month's inventory of Single-Family homes in Maricopa County. That is insane!

Life kind of sucks for renters right now - there aren't enough of

Some Clarity Regarding Phoenix Real Esta

July 2012 Market Report - Dealing with Home Buyer Fatigue Syndrome...

How to write a winning offer!!

5 Steps to make your offer a winner

The Beauty of the SPDS

What is the SPDS?
Why do we need them?
How do I fill one out?

Realtors Need Love Too!

Have you hugged your Realtor today?

Don't Call Me Maybe For A Few Days

Why I gave up my phone for two days

Some &*!@* Advice for Buyers Agents

A public service announcement for buyers and their agents who are agonizing about whether or not to send in that offer to purchase one of my listings...

Phoenix Real Estate Update October 2012

How's the Phoenix Real Estate Market doing these days? More "normal" than not...inventory still low, but most likely we will see fewer "speculators", and slightly higher inventory to close out 2012.

2012 New Year's Catch Up - The Fab and t

I am soooo behind on posting videos, I decided to make one super-sized three-for-one special featuring a recap of the 2012 Phoenix Real Estate Market (zzzzzz), and word or three on New Year's Resolutions and a Very Special Home Tour.

5 Tips from My Trip to the Sheraton Down

Today I travelled to the Sheraton in Downtown Phoenix to pick up a reporter who is writing an article on our fabulous Phoenix real estate market...I learned a few things along the way.

Kristin LaVanway's Secrets to Success

A few tips to achieving success at what you do!

The Great Tortoise Addendum

What happens when the 20 year old tortoise doesn't want to be disturbed from his winter's nap - a tale of a Win - Win - Win transaction. The best kind, where everyone treats each other with respect and consideration...Love it!

Revealed - Inside a Realtors Car

You've seen Realtors driving around in their shiny clean cars, chauffeuring about clients, heading to meetings and looking fabulous. Have you ever wondered what those well-traveled cars look like BEFORE they get to the car wash? Curious why your agent always says "I will meet you there"?

Well, hang on to your hats -- you're about to find out, and friends, it ain't pretty!

History of Phoenix Real Estate

To celebrate 8 years in real estate, I present to you:

The History of Phoenix Real Estate (since 2005).

It's been quite a wild ride since I got my real estate license...let's catch up, shall we? For all practical purposes, our Phoenix real estate market has experience an economic disaster that is quite similar to a Category 5 hurricane. And much like New Orleans experienced with Hurricane Katrina, we have endured different phases of this experience.

2005: The Tasty Wav

New Homes, Buyers, and Focus Groups

My recent invitation to join a New Home Builder Focus Group reminded on a very important tip! And it's not about using food as a bribe...

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

I got the chance to watch my son coach the high school team he coaches today. The game was played at Crossroads Park, the very field where Luke played when he was 5! It reminded how amazing it is if you are lucky enough to have something in your life that you are passionate about.

If you haven't checked out Alan Watts thoughts on this, you should - awesome video:

What are YOU passionate about?

Happy Hour Quiz with Realtors...and Shan

A silly little video about a silly little quiz with some friends at Happy Hour here at Postino's in Gilbert, AZ.

Words of Wisdom from Wind Cave

I hike up Wind Cave at least once a week to recharge my batteries and gain some wisdom from the forces of nature. Here are a couple of analogies to the hike that apply to business and every day life.

Moving to Phoenix --- Take Your Time!

Hey! If you are moving to Phoenix --- Take Your Time! The Phoenix Metro area is HUGE!! You can really have just about any type of lifestyle you like, so take your time, dream big, explore and let your realtor help you find the area that offers to most in what you are looking for.

Time Management for Dummies - Part 1

I have decided to take charge of my schedule and focus on increasing my productivity - sure I have threatened to do this multiple times but this time will be different. Armed with a mini-version of the publication "Time Management for Dummies", a clear goal, an accountability partner, and a to-do list scribbled on an In-and-Out placement, nothing can stop me!

The Key to Happiness is in Your Back Poc

Sometimes, an evening home with a bag of popcorn can bring great insight into the secrets of the universe. Sometimes, it dawns on you that happiness and success are right in your own hands. And sometimes, you simply realize that you really need to get to the grocery store.

April 2013 - Stop Whining Everybody

As our Phoenix real estate market slowly returns to "normal", folks are either whining about missed opportunities. Wringing their hands about impending doom, or worrying that they can't buy a house...know what I say? Bubble, SCHMUBBLE! All you need is a realistic outlook...

My Birthday Gift to Me!

Look around...probably one in every ten people you meet has a little voice inside that says "Hey, you really suck". I am one of those people and my little voice gets really loud around my birthday. Well, this year, I am giving myself a very special gift. I am going to stop beating myself up and start loving myself. It's not going to be easy, but I am posting this video as a reminder so next year at this time, instead of my heart breaking, it will be filled with joy.

Don't kid yourself

I Want To Swear Like Elizabeth Newlin

I have always prided myself on having very clean language but lately I am feeling a bit repressed in my ability to honestly express myself. I have my friend Elizabeth to thank for opening my eyes to the liberating experience the occasional F-bomb can be.

NOTE: I was motivated to make this video for two reasons: 1) My commitment to stop the self-hate and start appreciating myself more (See Birthday Video at and 2) a webmaster's recent demand tha

The HOT Report - Phoenix Real Estate Mon

The HOT Report - Monday Market Minute - Phoenix Real Estate

Oh, I know...its SO cliche, but seriously! When temps rise, the Phoenix real estate market is on fire. Traditionally, we have our highest demand and biggest price increases in the months leading up to the sweltering Phoenix summer. Our median (monthly) sales price of $219,000 is the highest we have seen in Maricopa County since 2008.

Across the Valley, we see some hot spots as well. Avondale, Glendale and Surprise on

Impact of Coronavirus on PHX Real Estate

A look at how the Coronavirus - COVID-19 - has impacted real estate here in Phoenix.

To ease the pain and anxiety, I am using sloths to tell the tale. Thanks to Sophia Müller, William Phipps, Matt ODell, Nikolas Noonan, Sebastian Molinares, Manuel Oppel del Rio, Kleber Varejão Filho, Ani Kolleshi, Charles Deluvio, Jamie Street, Javier Mazzeo, Jon-Ade Holter, and Susanne Schwarz for the photos via