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Seller questions you should ask your agent

Posted On: March 30th, 2014 6:35PM


Selling your Phoenix area home?


There many questions you can ask your listing agent but below are some very important, ones that I voluntarily discuss at all of my listing appointments.




 1) How many years they have been in the business?  This shouldn't be your determining factor, an agent that has been in the business 30 years doesn't make then a better agent. You want an agent that is tech savvy, invests in their education, understands the local laws and buying/selling process thoroughly, isn't so busy that you get handed off to someone else after they take the listing, and has the proper marketing package.




 2) How they plan to market your property outside the MLS. Get a clear understanding of the marketing plan before you sign and hold them to it. There is so much more to marketing a property then just putting it on the local MLS. I can't tell you how many times I see seasoned agents putting bad photos of a listing on the Internet. Any picture can be enhanced with online tools. Remember, buyers are making their decision to even view the home by what they see in the online ads. Make sure they have descriptions that talk about the homes functionality so a buyer knows some of the perks before seeing the home.




 3) Ask them about their track record and success rate. How many homes have the help buy and sell in their career? Read past client testimonials to get a sense of how they work, look for a common thread. Avoid testimonials from their friends, you want real client testimonials.




 4) Find out what taxes and fees you are responsible for, including their professional fee.




 5) Be very clear on what you are signing. Make sure the agent goes through the contract and explains each section so you have a clear understanding.




 6) How often they work with buyers? An agent that works with buyers understands how the buyers think. This can help you with getting the home ready to list.




7) Is this their full time job or are they doing it part-time? Part-time efforts get part time results. Do you want a part time pilot flying the 747 you are taking to Hawaii or a dedicated professional?




8) How well they know the local market, trends, etc.  You want to know how long they feel it will take to sell your home and what you should expect from the market.  It is so very important for your agent to set this expectation up front.




You want an agent that is going to represent you and your property in the best possible light and will always have your best interest in mind.


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