Jaylene Garrett

DRE No: SA552122000

(480) 242-1645

About Me

As a young girl, I learned from my football coach dad the importance of setting & achieving goals. I loved to hear the life lessons he imparted to his players especially as it related to finding the fire of passion inside in order to achieve the goals we set. Witnessing first-hand the difference my dad made in the lives of others, inspired me to do the same.

I was working as a teacher when I read a book that talked about the exciting possibilities of buying and selling real estate and… a dream was born.

Eventually I had 18 rental units including one in Maui. My good investment decisions were paying off. Then, the market crashed. Those losses compelled me to learn more about the business and I was determined to turn the negative into a positive and today I am even MORE passionate about the power of real estate!! 

Today my life’s mission is to help my clients win BIG Like my dad, I’m using my experience, my guts and my ‘know how’ to make that happen. The direct impact my service has on a person or family’s finances and personal life now and in the future DOES MATTER!

?#1 PRIORITY-Selling your home at a higher price for more money. I have a proven method.

?Selling Your Home-22-Step Proven Formula I use (featured in Forbes) results in homes selling 3%-8% above market!

?My unique 29 Day Sale Program exceeds expectations and is changing real estate.

SPECIALITIES: Expert in more NET $$, easy no-stress system, determined to make a positive difference