Leticia Fuerte

DRE: SA110865000
(480) 809-6879


The Happy House! ... La Casita Feliz! ... I have loved my work even before I received my R E License. As a Latin Immigrant, with very limited English vocabulary, had the experience of signing documents on our family first home purchase, feeling blinded by the legalities and the whole process -in English- I felt overwhelmed; Eventhough we had the assistance of a Spanish Speaking Realtor, the whole process was a bit intimidating.


I began dreaming of learning & get my license with the intent to help my clients as much as possible with the understanding and ease the process, one step at a time.

Speciallized helping Spanish Speaking clients in the first years, then started to gain confidence in my own expertise and languaje to help English speaking clients and have had a very good successful experience that keeps unfolding.

So far I have been blessed with an exciting career, servicing my clients and their referrals for over 20 years.,
I enjoy learning more, expanding my knowledge as much as possible as part of my own personal transformation and self development that has helped to keep up with the challenging market in the Phoenix - metro area.

Still LOVE my role of counseling, explaining the process, becoming a very special part of their purchase or sale and in general to offer them the information and resources needed to accomplish their goals.