Mia Palmisano

DRE: SA627983000

(480) 662-2000


I have spent over 30 years in all aspects of real estate lending and sales.  I take great pride in my experience, knowledge and resources as well as my ability to really listen to what my client's goals are.


Let me be your real estate partner and help guide you through the intimidating process of buying or selling a home.  I will be by your side from first contact to lend guidance, referrals, and solutions.  I will keep you up to date on where you are at in the process, what comes next and what you can expect.  I am extremely passionate at what I do and treat every transaction as if it were my own.  It's not just about being your partner on one closing for me.  I want to be your Real Estate Partner for life.


After your home has closed, I am ALWAYS just an email, text or phone call away to help you in any way I can.  Sometimes it's for a referral, a question about your mortgage, something about the house you were wondering or just because you want to know what the house down the street just sold for.  My client's know that I will always help in whatever way I can.


Thanks so much for stopping by my website and I look forward to being YOUR AZ Real Estate Partner! (mia@myAzREpartner.com)