James Judge

DRE: SA673050000

(715) 697-9192
(602) 230-7600 (Office)


Jake Saliba

BR Mgmt, LLC
"My first flip was done well, but the budget was tight and the flip was small, so I didn't spring for staging to put a final touch on my work. James told me early on that my listing really needed staging to show buyers how the space could be used. After almost 3 months on the market without any offer, I finally used James to stage my listing. I got a full price offer on day 1! My only regret is not hiring James earlier."

Barb Boutin

Private Company
"We wanted to sell our house, but we needed to get top dollar because we had already found another house. However, as much as we loved our home for ourselves, we wondered what buyers would think. We also saw the comps and realized that other people would too. Therefore, we decided we needed an un-bias opinion to help us design our home to sell and we found James. He was able to walk through the house and immediately highlight it's assets, but also recognized where it needed improvements and helped us to achieve those. The result was a full price offer within 72 hours of listing, and a sale price $50k above every other house in the neigbhorhood."

Heather Fallon-Jurewicz

"As a Realtor myself, I was struggling to sell my own home and found myself resorting to price reductions because I thought that this was the only solution. However, after speaking with James and seeing his work, I decided to give his concept a try. He and his team came in and focused on highlighting the main living areas of our house. Everything they did was at no cost to me and the results were incredible... After having been on market for weeks, less then one day after James had designed my home to sell - We had multiple offers!"