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Reflections on the heat, holidays and history

Posted On: July 9th, 2022 10:41PM

July in Phoenix is definitely not for the weak, and for those of us who battle the heat and take advantage of its end result, the golf courses are wide open. I did play 18 holes in 2.5 hours; it was 112 degrees. And yes, I did hydrate the day before and applied and reapplied sunscreen.


Our family has always taken long weekends throughout the summer, mini getaways. When the children were younger, it was club sport teams that kept us from longer getaways and now, maybe I am a bit of a very dedicated realtor, another word may be workaholic. Later in the month, I am looking forward to going to Newport and will play Pelican with my brother Michael and my good buddy, Dr Martin Arellano. There is something to be said about playing in 80-degree weather, I may need a long-sleeve.


A couple of months earlier this year, I took a month off and did not write a monthly article. I actually received a minimum of 10 emails checking in on me. Thank you for your kind words regarding how much you enjoy reading about the early years through and including the present. I promise you I will not let that happen again. It is no secret to those in my inner circle that my wife MaryAnn is my editor on my story-based articles. She may have made a few edits for this month. It is very much appreciated and better than our friend, Mary Holden, red-lining the entire article.


My dad Herb moved to Central Phoenix in 1964 and lived here until he passed in 2011. He loved the area and had a few businesses here, Kagel's lady shop (with Geri Aron) and Mr L's at Park Central Mall. He also opened Herb's Underground which was Phoenix's 1st disco located on Clarendon and 1st Ave in 1970. The late, Bill Heywood, a nationally recognized disc jockey (DJ to young folk) directed the dance floor with one turntable.  In 1976, Dad opened up the Jockey Club Nightclub at 2110 E Highland Ave (built by Jerry Hassett, another North Central icon) where I worked after I graduated from Coastal Caroline in 1978 on a baseball scholarship. As some of you know we sold the Jockey Club on Highland and 22nd St in 1985.


Dad then opened another Jockey Club in the former Navarre's Restaurant at 52 E Camelback in Uptown Plaza in 1987 (together with Burt Lewin, Mal and Marsha Straus and Mike Hayes). We had that club until 1995 when we sold our lease to Sweet Tomatoes. The last 5 months at that location we leased the club to the producers of the major movie Waiting to Exhale, which used our club for all the nightclub scenes. The movie starred Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Gregory Hines and Forest Whitaker which was really a thrill for me to see our club on the big screen.


I have said many times in this article that I was very fortunate that my dad chose to live, work and make so many friends, in North Central. It has been almost 60 years, since he moved to the Valley and if he were still alive, he would tell me two things, ‘son, I am very proud of you and your family - and Bobby, you owe me, your father, referral fees for introducing me to all of his friends and family members who have bought and sold homes from me in my 33-year real estate career living in North Central????.’ I actually can hear him saying it right now! 


Have a great summer and please be safe.




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A trip down memory lane..

Posted On: June 13th, 2022 11:47PM

With so many families who grew up in North Central corridor moving back into area to raise their own families, it reminds me of the many businesses that used to be an integral part of the folklore of our community.

Uptown Plaza is located on the northeast corner of Camelback Road and

Central Avenue and was created by Del Webb, who developed much of Sun City

and also the Flamingo Las Vegas Resort. The shopping center opened on September 25. 1955, outside of downtown Phoenix. All of the stores had neon-lit cursive signage and stayed lit until 11 p.m. every night.

Some of the stores that existed at that time and a few years later included

Bostroms , Navararre’s Restaurant, Markgraf’s Pharmacy (ice cream fountain)

and A.J. Bayless Market, which is currently AJ’s Fine Foods. In the early ‘70s and ‘80s

we often frequented Lunt Avenue Marble Club and oh, those fried zucchini dipped

(double-dipped) with endless amounts of ranch dressing were fund spots and fmy first introduction to Big Four Restaurants.

How many of you remember the French Corner restaurant? Their freshly baked croissants and cappuccinos were unique to our international corner. Guy Coscas and his partner didn’t stop at the restaurant; they opened Euro Market grocery store, where in the back corner was a young man with big aspirations, Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco. Even our nightclub, the Jockey Club (the film, Waiting to Exhale filmed the nightclub scene inside), which opened in 1987 and

sold to Sweet Tomatoes in 1995, sat on the south side of Uptown Plaza.

So many landmarks in the Central and Camelback corners flooded my memory, once I began to think about it. Katz Deli was first located on Camelback just east of Central and then years later relocated to the Central Avenue building that later became Postinos. It was a frequent stomping ground for a great bagel and chicken soup.

These restaurants, retail and grocery stores were just laying the groundwork for what has become a hub in our north Central corridor and continues to make it a coveted place to live in our Valley of the Sun.

I love the history and know that many of you have your favorite memories. It is why we see continued desire to reside in our community. Hope to see you as I stop by one of the current restaurants and AJ’s picking up dinner.

Lather up the sunscreen and happy June!

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We’re in a crazy market!

Posted On: June 13th, 2022 11:45PM

If there has been any question about our current real estate market favoring the sellers, it is that we begin our new year with the lowest number of active listings ever!

I appreciate all of my clients, who have allowed me to close 15 homes so far this year ranging in price from $435,000 to $3.4 million. We have been lucky enough to close six homes over $1 million since the New Year. We also currently have 11 homes in escrow ranging in price from $465,000 to $1,750,000. North Central currently has a mix value of prices with condos/patio homes to large luxury homes and I have enjoyed the variety of values in Central Phoenix for the past 30 years. This area has been my home for 30 years and my dad moved here in 1964.

I currently have five investors who are looking for homes to remodel that are in any condition ranging in price from $500,000 to $2.5 million. I also have four clients who want to buy condos/patio homes up to $600,000.

Please call me before you are ready to sell your home so I can meet with you to discuss your value and, hopefully, sell it to one of our clients who are anxiously awaiting for your home!!

Have a great March!

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Happy Trick Or Treat Month

Posted On: June 13th, 2022 11:42PM

I know that after writing this monthly article in the North Central News for 18 years, I always give credit to my dad, Herb, who moved to Central Phoenix in 1964 to buy into Kagel's Ladies Store at Park Central Mall and also to my idol, Barney Fife. Next was Herb's Underground, Phoenix's first disco (1970) located at Central/Clarendon and the Jockey Club Nightclub (Phoenix's first private nightclub with a disc jockey) at 22nd Street and Highland Avenue (1976-1985) and also at Central and Camelback (formally Navarre's) from1987-1995. If you ever saw the move “Waiting to Exhale” with Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett and Forrest Whitaker, it was filmed at our Central Club.

            My point here is that I feel my dad gave me an edge to sell real estate in Central Phoenix because I have been here now full time since 1978. Dad introduced me to a lot of families and now those little trouble makers just like I was … are now buying homes from me the past 30 years. Many agents who sell in Arcadia, PV and Scottsdale always laughed when I told them I specialized in Central Phoenix and I truly believe I have an edge here because of my area knowledge and believing in this area when many realtors would not go west of 24th Street.

            I was honored in September to be ranked the #5 ranked individual realtor (NO TEAM) in Maricopa County by the Phoenix Business Journal for sales volume in 2020 and also ranked this month by Phoenix Magazine as one of the top residential agents in the Valley.

            I have sold 95 homes so far in 2021 for all different prices but I am especially proud to say that I have sold 22 luxury homes priced at more than $1 million, including two that sold for over $2 million and one for over $3.5 million. I don't have a team so when you hire me, you get me (I stole that from Jeff Polett!!). Please give me a shot to sell your home or help you or your family purchase a home. I have to go because The Andy Griffith Show is on!!

            Please give me a call at 602-761-4646.

            Thanks! Bobby Lieb

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Housing market is still going crazy

Posted On: June 8th, 2021 10:18PM

Are we really into the third month of 2021? I hope you guys are all staying healthy!

I want to thank HomeSmart International for naming me the #1 producing realtor in our company for 2020 with 125 sales and more than $90 million in sales. HomeSmart has more than 7,000 realtors in the Valley and 20,000 agents throughout the country in 30 states. We also now have 550 agents in our North Central office that I opened 10 years ago with just 12 agents. I truly am very thankful to all of my clients over the past 30 years (over 3,800 homes sold) and many of you have purchased multiple homes from me.

I also want to thank Fox 10 TV for interviewing me on Feb. 15 on the Phoenix-area housing market, where many buyers

are currently paying far over selling price in order to buy a home. The last four to five months are the craziest I have ever seen in real estate and I feel it will continue throughout the rest of the year. Our area is seeing buyers who are moving from out of state and they see that you can get more value in the Phoenix market then from where they just moved. Even local buyers are paying over listing price and some are even waving inspection and appraisal contingencies. Some agents are having potential buyers make offers and three days later they will announce who the winning buyer is.

One advantage that I feel that has worked for me is I have been predominately a listing agent for 30 years although I do find myself representing many buyers now because of the demand. I really believe in listing some homes as COMING SOON, which allows the seller a few weeks to get their home ready but still allows me to show the home without using up days on the market. This has helped us in selling 19 homes so far in 2021...

My wife, Mary Ann, is now a licensed realtor with HomeSmart and she had a first-time buyer who fit the exact profile of a home that I had as a COMING SOON at 1 E. Butler. She showed the buyer the home and we made a deal with the seller who was thrilled that they did not have to deal with having many agents and buyers through their home and they got the price and terms they wanted.

If you have a home that you are interested in selling or if you ready to purchase a home in the next few months, please give us a call.

Have a great March!


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