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Our piece of heaven in North Central

Posted On: January 23rd, 2018 10:42PM

I have been doing these articles now every month for the past 7 years and I really enjoy the positive
feedback that I get from the North Central readers. This month I asked a North Central
resident, Daniel Valenzuela, who is also a Phoenix City Councilman, towrite an article why he and his
wife, Wendy, chose this area to raise their family. ~ Bobby Lieb


Anyone who has been through the process of searching for a new home rarely finds it to be an easy
undertaking. There is a fine balance of the most home for the least cost along with that all-important consideration that is the root of every real estate decision – location. My wife, Wendy, and I recently
completed such a task, made far easier because I have the good fortune of being intimately familiar
with one of our city’s great strengths – our neighborhoods. We are now delighted to call North

Central Phoenix home. As a member of the Phoenix City Council, one of my most enjoyable
responsibilities is to work with neighborhood leaders who typically have no shortage of energy in
their commitment to preserving and  strengthening our communities.

So even before calling North Central home, we were well aware that one of its real assets are its
countless neighborhood activists who deserve much of the credit for what the neighborhood is today.

Phoenix, now the nation’s fifth largest city, is on the move. Unprecedented downtown construction. Expanding transit options. New businesses. It’s easy to measure these bricks-and-mortar advancements. But a truly vibrant city is one that consists of a rich and diverse fabric of safe and desirable neighborhoods.
In our neighborhood, everyone seems to know each other. We spend lots of time out front chatting with
neighbors as our children play. Our children continue to attend the acclaimed Madison School District. Several parks are within walking distance,contributing to a level of tranquility that seems almost out of place in the heart of a bustling city. All of our family needs, from groceries to healthcare, can be met with
just a drive of a few minutes. Simply put, North Central is a little piece of heaven.
I am further reminded of that every day now, simply by coming home.

Daniel Valenzuela
North Central Resident
Phoenix City Councilmember

Valley Firefighter


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