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Posted On: March 4th, 2019 8:41PM

I remember a few years ago, my long time friend, realtor Jeff Polett, used as his slogan, "When You Hire Jeff You Get Jeff," which I think was a brilliant marketing tool. I understand Jeff's comment because I started as a realtor 27 years with a team of four in which our top realtor would get the listing and then had nothing to do with the property the whole time we had the listing but showed up at closing to get the check. I did all the work, which helped me learn the business quickly even though the client hired my boss and not me.


I have worked on my own now for 20 years and I truly agree with Jeff that if you hire ME you should have me involved from the beginning to the end and not pass your valuable asset to another agent on the team. Our true North Central boundaries are about 14 square miles, where I have taken pride in being able to sell more than 3,000 listings by myself in 27 years because I work six and seven days a week selling what YOU hired ME to do. It also helps that I have an incredible assistant, Kathy Wright, who has been with me for 19 years. I don’t need a team to sell my homes as long as I do everything that I promised you that I would do. I have already sold 16 homes by myself in 2019, although I do have a partner just with three Paradise Valley listings ($5.8 million, $1.6 million and $1.49 million), all of which are now in escrow.


I owe a lot of my success to my father, Herb Lieb, who moved to Phoenix in 1964 to become a partner at a lady's store at Park Central Mall called Kagels. Next my dad opened the first disco in Phoenix, called Herb's Underground, in 1970, where his DJ was the one and only Bill Heywood. After my dad sold the Underground he opened The Jockey Club Nightclub in 1976, located at Town and Country Shopping Center, which he sold in 1986. I came from Atlanta in 1978 to become a partner with my dad at this nightclub, where we had more than 2,000 members. Many of my current and past clients were members of our club. Finally, we opened another Jockey Club in 1987 at Uptown Plaza and then sold the location to Sweet Tomatoes in 1996. I was burned out in the bar and restaurant business, so in 1992 I started in residential real estate with Mark Moskowitz, who was with Realty Executives, as my mentor. I had been coming to Central Phoenix since I was 7 years old to visit my dad twice a year, so when I finally moved to Phoenix when I was 22 I felt like I knew every person who lived in this area, including their pets. North Central has been my home for more than 40 years, so I am very lucky to live and work in the same area that my dad moved to in 1964. I have seen many changes to North Central in 50 years and I am very proud to be VERY active in my Dad's old ‘hood!! Thanks to all of my past, current and hopefully future clients who hire ME, knowing that I will work hard to get your home sold and hopefully help you find your new one!!


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