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HomeSmart awards and charity

Posted On: March 26th, 2019 5:25PM

April is a fun month – my wife, MaryAnn, was born on the third and I was born on the 18th ... and they said two Aries would never make it. After 32 years we have proved them wrong!! I have mentioned in this column a few times how incredibly lucky I am to work with the largest real estate company in the state, HomeSmart, which has 6,500 agents in Maricopa County and 15,000 agents all over the country. I was honored two weeks ago by being named the #1 agent in our overall company for 2018 based on my sales volume for the past year. Thank you to all of my North Central clients who have supported me for the past 27 years and helped me to sell 118 homes in 2018.

I am also very proud of Homesmart because of our annual fundraiser, which is for our agents, on March 12. Five years ago, I started a charity, along with Carol Perry and Eric Kilstrom, for our HomeSmart agents who were sick or injured as well as any of their family members. We have a large family of agents in the Valley and sometimes life does not run as smoothly as we would like it to. We have actually paid for funerals, helped with some medical expenses, given our agents free dues so they can get caught up and even helped with family meals and house cleanings for a month! Our incredible agents donated money and raffle prizes and our awesome HomeSmart sponsors did the same. We have raised around $9,500 and our HomeSmart founder, Matt Widdows, matched our total as he has every year so we should raise about $20,000 from our meeting. Absolutely amazing group of agents and sponsors and I am very proud of my friend Matt Widdows for stepping up every year as he has done. I also want to thank North Central resident U.S. Marshall David Gonzales, who was our keynote speaker for this meeting, which is always held at North Phoenix Baptist Church. David has been our U.S. Marshall since 2002, appointed by the President of the United States. My family has known David and his wife, Nancy, for many years - his kids went to school with our kids at All Saints, Xavier and Brophy. David's theme was all about personal safety, not only for realtors doing open houses but going on listing calls and showings with complete strangers. David also emphasized changing your daily routine by going home different ways some days and just being aware of your surroundings, which we all take for granted in our everyday lives. I recommend having David speak to your schools and businesses about overall safety because we are fortunate to have the best living in our own backyard and we all take our daily routine for granted. I think that about covers everything I can think of for now!! Have a safe April!

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