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Memories of my dad...

Posted On: February 5th, 2020 9:32PM

My dad, Herb Lieb, would have been 100 years old on Feb. 8, 2020. WOW!! Dad has been gone now for nine years but certainly his spirit still lives in all of us who were lucky to have known him. Dad moved to Phoenix in 1964 while my brother Michael and I moved to Atlanta with our mom Sharon. Dad partnered up with Geri Aron at Kagel's Women's store at Park Central Mall and Michael and I were fortunate to meet so many people through my dad. At Park Central Mall we met Marcia and Mal Straus (Leonard's Luggage), Jeff Pollett (Pollett's Men Store), Midge Galst (Great Expectations),Tony from Miracle Mile and Bernie Teck from Switzers.

The Strauses and Arons/Hanilas were very special to Michael and me because they always welcomed us into their homes when we were in town for Passover and breaking the fast on Yom Kippur. They always made us feel like we were part of their family.

Another special person in our lives then was Gregory Andro who was part of Rocky's Hideway on 4th Avenue and Maryland and years later, Gregory's Penthouse Restaurants. Gregory always had us over his home for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners (HE COOKED EVERYTHING) along with Gov. Rose Mofford, who was an amazing person and always very kind to my dad. Gov. Mofford could always handle my dad.


I cannot forget another great friend of dad's, Larry Debus, who also was Dad's attorney. I am not sure how much money dad paid Larry for legal fees but I am certain it was not enough because dad was a FULL TIME CLIENT!

Also a huge shout out to Mike Davis, who was always there for dad. Many of you did not know that my dad had the very first disco in Phoenix called Herb's Underground in 1970. His disc jockey was the one and only Bill Heywood, who was the #1 DJ in the country at that time. Bob Sikora, who opened many Bobby McGee’s restaurants, credits dad for the success of all his nightclubs because he learned from my dad how to run one. After Herb's Underground came The Jockey Club, which was a private disco/restaurant that dad opened in 1976 at Town and Country Shopping Center. I started at the Jockey Club in 1978. We had over 2,000 members when we sold the building and business in 1985. I was lucky enough to hire a disc jockey in 1981, Mary Ann Ortiz, who worked for me for five years and then we got married in 1986.

Yes, we are still married after 33 years. Mary Ann also doubled as a referee between my dad and me while at the Jockey Club and afterwards!!!!! She earned her $60 a night pay!! We then opened another Jockey Club in 1987 at Uptown Plaza (Central and Camelback) and sold the location/lease to Sweet Tomatoes in 1995. I started doing real estate in 1992 but still helped out with the club on weekends. During our last five months in the club, we leased the space for the movie Waiting To Exhale to be filmed, which featured Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett. A lot of the scenes were filmed at our club. My dad passed in 2011 but those of us who knew him certainly miss his smile, personality and wisdom.

Happy 100th birthday DAD. Your family and friends know you are looking down at us and giving us support.


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