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Are we really into the third month of 2021? I hope you guys are all staying healthy! I want to thank HomeSmart International for naming me the #1 producing realtor in our company for 2020 with 125 sales and more than $90 million in sales. HomeSmart has more than 7,000 realtors in the Valley and 20,000 agents throughout the country in 30 states. We also now have 550 agents in our North Central office that I opened 10 years ago with just 12 agents. I truly am very thankful to all of my clients over the past 30 years (over 3,800 homes sold) and many of you have purchased multiple homes from me. I also want to thank Fox 10 TV for interviewing me on Feb. 15 on the Phoenix-area housing market, where many buyers are currently paying far over selling price in order to buy a home. The last four to five months are the craziest I have ever seen in real estate and I feel it will continue throughout the rest of the year. Our area is seeing buyers who are moving from out of state and they see that you can get more value in the Phoenix market then from where they just moved. Even local buyers are paying over listing price and some are even waving inspection and appraisal contingencies. Some agents are having potential buyers make offers and three days later they will announce who the winning buyer is. One advantage that I feel that has worked for me is I have been predominately a listing agent for 30 years although I do find myself representing many buyers now because of the demand. I really believe in listing some homes as COMING SOON, which allows the seller a few weeks to get their home ready but still allows me to show the home without using up days on the market. This has helped us in selling 19 homes so far in 2021... My wife, Mary Ann, is now a licensed realtor with HomeSmart and she had a first-time buyer who fit the exact profile of a home that I had as a COMING SOON at 1 E. Butler. She showed the buyer the home and we made a deal with the seller who was thrilled that they did not have to deal with having many agents and buyers through their home and they got the price and terms they wanted. If you have a home that you are interested in selling or if you ready to purchase a home in the next few months, please give us a call. Have a great March!

Posted On: June 8th, 2021 10:19PM

Regarding our current state of our real estate market I have just one word to express what is going on…INSANITY! Those of us who have in lived in North Central for a long time have always known how great it is

to live in this area and we are finally getting discovered by the rest of the country.

I want to thank my clients who have allowed me to sell 41 homes so far in 2021 (including eight homes for more than $1 million including a home for $3.5 million). We have some GREAT long-time agents in our ‘hood and I especially want to thank two agents who brought me buyers on day one of my listings. The reason we got the deals done is because of great communication between us to make it easier to sell the home. I will be honest with you guys - that just does not always happen enough in today’s world. Steve Caniglia of North & Co. brought an out-of-state buyer to a home that I listed for $1.65 million on day one and after working out all the details (about eight calls), we are set to close in a couple of months. The seller did not want to move until June 1 but we made it work by being creative.

The other agents who were fantastic were Katie and Nancy Cotton of Realty Executives, who called me on a home we had coming soon in Paradise Valley for $2.395 million. My seller there also wanted a few extra months after closing to find a home so we worked it out for the buyers to lease back to my seller for a couple

of months. The Cottons and Steve Caniglia are an excellent example of the great agents we have in North Central.

In today’s crazy market we are forced to think out of the box to make deals happen because it certainly is not just as simple as listing and then selling anymore. Creativity in selling or buying a home today is about having enough experience in selling real estate and figuring out a solution for each buyer and seller … and, again, COMMUNICATION is huge. I cannot say enough about how great it is for me to have such experienced agents such as Steve Caniglia and Katie and Nancy Cotton to work with.

Another creative marketing tool today is COMING SOON as long as it is used properly and not abused. Some sellers are not quite ready to have their home active for about 2-3 weeks while they finish cleaning and fine-tuning their home to sell. Since there are about 100 buyers for every seller today, my suggestion to my clients is let’s make the home COMING SOON so buyers will have notice that your home will soon be available. In 2021 I have had seven homes sell while they was listed as Coming Soon because I knew the agents who called me to see them and we made a deal before they went active.

The best advice I can give a seller is to work with an agent who sells in your neighborhood. There is no substitute for an experienced agent who knows the values in the area because he or she has lived in and sold in that area for many years (30 years for me). In today’s every changing real estate market, my suggestion to you is to HIRE A NORTH CENTRAL REAL ESTATE expert to sell your home.

Have a wonderful April and Happy April Birthday to my wife, Mary Ann, to yours truly, and to our son Jesse Milleson. Please keep being safe!


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