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The Month of April

Posted On: June 8th, 2016 9:45PM

April has a few mixed emotions for me. Tax day is the negative day but my wife, Mary Ann, has her birthday on the 3rd and, on the 18th, I turn 60! Thirty years ago turning 60 seemed scary but the alternative sucks. I feel like I did when I was 30 (Ok, I never have been a good liar). I just don't want to see any more senior citizen discounts in the mail because that bothers me! I cannot play basketball any more (I know some of will say I could never play) but I do enjoy playing golf now. I am very excited and proud to announce that our Porchlight Homes subdivision of eight homes at 200 E. Georgia has sold out in just three months. Home prices ranged from $725,000 all the way up to $950,000. We sold 25 North Central homes for Porchlight in two subdivisions two years ago and I am honored to be their listing agent. If you missed out on this site, Porchlight is in escrow on two acres I just sold them in North Central and plans to build another eight homes beginning in the first quarter of 2017. Contact me to reserve your spot. Diamond Key Homes is another builder that I represent in our ‘hood and they just closed on a beautiful brand new home at 1811 E. Palmaire for $829,000. They are building three more homes next door and one home, which is at 1815 E. Palmaire (3,110 sqare feet), will be done in two months and priced at $799,000. They also will be breaking ground for two more homes at 18th Street and Aurelius, just a block south of these homes. Look out for five more new North Central homes being built by Regal American Homes at 5th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. Prices will range from $575,000 to $700,000 and 3,200 square feet to 3,700 square feet. They also are building twp homes at 550 and 600 W. Las Palmaritas. The one at 550 W. Las Palmaritas just closed for $680,000. I appreciate the support from all of you the past 23 years. We have closed on 21 homes so far in 2016 and have another 25 in escrow. Prices range from three homes between $1.8 million and $1.9 million to $97,500. We will take on any priced homes in our ‘hood. Also, my thanks to my clients in 2015 who helped me to become the #1 HomeSmart agent in the world for the fifth straight year (we even have offices in China). We sold more than 135 homes in 2015 totaling $60 million in sales. Have a healthy and safe April... Enjoy those Easter and Passover feasts!!


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My Dad, A Phoenix Icon

Posted On: June 8th, 2016 9:31PM

I wrote the following article five years ago when my dad passed away. I was brainstorming to write another tribute to my dad but decided that this article stands the test of time. I miss you, dad. My dad, Herb Lieb, passed away on Feb. 24, 2011, after just celebrating his 91st birthday. Dad was born in Chicago, left to fight in WWII and actually landed on Normandy Beach. After the war, he met my mom, Sharon. They lived in several locations before they divorced. My brother Michael and I moved with our mom to Atlanta and dad moved to Phoenix in 1965. Dad became partners with Geri Kagel in Kagel's ladies’ store in Park Central Mall. In 1970, he opened Herb's Underground at Central and Clarendon avenues, which was Phoenix's first disco. He sold the Underground after three years and then had Jerry Hassett build the Jockey Club Nightclub in 1976, which was located at 20th Street and Camelback and was the first private disco in Phoenix. I graduated from college in 1978 with visions of playing professional baseball but instead I was hired to manage the Jockey Club at 22–and what a run it was. I met so many great people through my dad and even hired a disc jockey from another club, MaryAnn Ortiz, who worked for me (I mean I worked for her) for five years. In 1986, MaryAnn and I got married and now we have two college-age kids, Sean and Juliann. In 1989, Burt Lewin, Mal Straus and Mike Hayes worked with dad to open another Jockey Club and we opened at Central and Camelback. Once again, I met wonderful people and we enjoyed this club until 1996 when we sold it to Sweet Tomatoes. My dad then retired and started to enjoy his life without the burden of a business to run. Michael and I really enjoyed visiting dad twice a year when we were younger and it was truly amazing how many people my dad knew from going to Rocky's Hideaway, Bobby McGee’s (where dad had a booth reserved for him at every location) and the other places where all the Phoenicians used to hang out. I also remember how wonderful dad's friends were to Michael and me. Instead of treating us like the little punks we were they always treated us respectfully, like we were adults. As my dad grew older, the respect his friends had for him just grew stronger. They all had stories about dad and they all used to tell me how he always had time for them no matter what the situation was. He was like a second father to many people out there. The greatest tribute to my dad was the more than 275 people who attended his funeral and the more than 100 cards that my brother and I have received over the past four weeks. My kids and my brother’s kids, Stephanie and Jeffrey, gave eulogies about what a great grandpa dad was and there were eulogies from his friends. A special thanks to the many people who were there the past few weeks to make my dad's last few days comfortable: Rabbi Herring, Bill Saul, Mike Davis, Bob Sikora, Jan and Wendall Chapman, Arlene Copley, Sherri and Sandy Germaine, Shannon Lieb and his grandkids. There will never be any more stories from dad but there will be hundreds about dad for the years to come. We also have CDs of his numerous birthday roasts. Dad, I wish I could hear one last story from you but just know that I love you very much. Your legacy is the many friends that you left behind and also the wonderful family that loved you dearly. Guess what, dad? You now have a new captive audience to tell your many stories to. WE MISS YOU.


Bobby Lieb

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Is it really 2016?

Posted On: January 4th, 2016 5:04PM

I appreciate everyone in North Centralville for allowing me to sell 124 homes in 2015 and to list 146 homes.. Our prices ranged from a lot priced at $65,000 to 2 homes on Central Ave, 1 priced at $2,050,000 and 1 priced at $2.2 million..Anybody who sells in our hood knows that homes are priced all over the board. I was fortunate to sell $89 million in home sales in 2014(#1 realtor in Maricopa County named by the Business Journal) and almost $65 million in 2015. I teach a monthly marketing class at HomeSmart and the biggest surprise that the agents react to is when I tell them I spend over $6000 monthly in marketing my listings which helps me sell the number of homes that I do.
I am excited to report that we have sold 6 of our 8 luxury homes being built by Porchlight Homes located at 200 East Georgia. The first home will break ground during the last week in December.. Final home prices will range from approximately $750,000 to $850,000. We are looking for 1/2 acres to 10 acres in North Central so please let me know if you have a teardown or land to sell. I have 6 different builders looking to build new homes in our neighborhood..A majority of our new home buyers in Central Phoenix come all the way from you guessed it....Central Phoenix!!..If you have lived here, you do not want to live anywhere else.
I also want to thank Beatitudes for allowing me to speak to 35 potential prospects who are interested in moving to their senior living campus. I have sold 8 listings of Beatitudes residents the past 2 years and we listed a condo for their newest resident and sold it in 2 days. Beatitudes has been providing exceptional living options and caring services since 1965.
I always like to feature a local business in this column because retail is very important to the mix in North Central. This month I am honored to have Barry's True Value Hardware as my guest.
Local family -owned stores,such as Barry's True Value Hardware offers what the big box home improvement stores dont have--personal touch with top-notch customer service. John Koller, Sr knows a thing or two about offering his customers more than the status quo. After all his father and his grandfather were in the business before him. He followed suit as did his son, John Jr., who is now involved in the company too. The first Barry's True Value has remained at its 16th st/Bethany Home location since 1966: the family opened up their second location in the shopping center at 12th St/Northern just 3 years ago. Clearly the demand for high-quality products at a fair price with great service necessitated an additional location. That speaks volumes for a locally owned company like Barry's True Value.
Barry's True Value is my favorite hardware store and I am always amazed at their various inventory items: small chickens, doggie beds(I have bought over a dozen),beer coolers with school logos..and oh yeah--paints and tools..The employees are always very friendly but I really enjoy bantering with the 2 generations of the Koller Family..They know everybody in Central Phoenix..It is the closest thing to your favorite watering hole without the beer..Who knows that may be next!!
Please support our local businesses and especially the local family- owned stores.
Have a great 2016!!

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The times, they are a changing

Posted On: November 11th, 2015 9:56PM

First of all, I apologize to those of you who drive daily by Central and Glendale (southeast corner) who have to see my ugly mug on the south bus stop. It was a way to get my Bar Mitzvah picture up for all to see! If you would rather see a picture of your home, hire me in November and it is a done deal to the first two sellers who email me at or BOBLIEB@AOL.COM.

I am so excited to see all the construction of homes going on in our ‘hood in the past few months and it will continue for years to come. Some of you don't want to see our neighborhood change but it is too late for that wish. Look at all the new restaurants that have gone up and will go up IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS –– just remember that they need humans to eat there. We are getting many new families moving from Paradise Valley and Scottsdale and the best part, for me, is seeing the kids of existing North Central residents moving back to our area with their new families. Sorry to quote Bob Dylan from his 1964 SMASH SONG but the "THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN’."

I am representing a few builders who are building new homes over the next 24 months: Porchlight Homes, who I sold 25 homes for in North Central last year, is building eight luxury homes at 200 E. Georgia that will range from $655,000 to $775,000. I already have two lot reservations and construction begins on December 1. Both of my buyers are currently North Central residents and are excited to move to a new custom residence. Diamond Key Homes are building four custom homes on 18th Street and Palmaire and two more just south on Aurelius. Prices will be in the mid-700s. Regal American Homes will be building four custom homes on Bethany Home and 5th Avenue where prices will range from $600k to around $800k. They are building two more homes on 550 and 600 W. Las Palmaritas, which will be around $650k to $700k. Exciting times in our neighborhood!

Every month I try to feature a long standing North Central business and this month I am excited that Josh Hartman, the owner of Healthy Habit Health Food store at 7th Street and Bethany Home wrote a couple of paragraphs for me:

Healthy Habit Health Foods is a family run independent health food store that has been serving the metro Phoenix market for almost 15 years. We pride ourselves on customer service. We try to ask every customer that walks in the store if we may help them and stay with them until our assistance is no longer needed. We know a significant amount of our customers by name, know what is going on with them life/health wise and have really become a small community in and of itself. We are also known in the valley as the store to find items that you can’t find in other stores. We have over 15,000 SKUs filling up a 3600 square foot store.

We provide a great opportunity for the public to educate itself through 2 avenues. The store has a live radio show Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 10:00AM on 1100AM. Additionally, the store provides free consumer lectures every Saturday at 1:00PM in the back of the store. Guest speakers include representatives from supplement companies, local authors, naturophaths, acupuncturists and the like.

Have a healthy and happy November, especially around Thanksgiving when all the college kids come back home..

It is hard to believe but my wife has been married to me 30 years on November 29th. Ain’t she lucky? Happy Anniversary, Mary Ann ... You thought I would forget!!

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Some thanks and override info

Posted On: October 8th, 2015 9:13PM

Some thanks and override info


Happy 24th birthday to my daughter Juliann (15th) and a belated 26th birthday (9/11) to my son Sean.

I was thrilled this month to receive a couple of honors from two very respected magazines. Real Trends Magazine, which is a national publication, ranked me the number three realtor in Arizona and the number 85th realtor in the county based on my 192 sales for 2015. The Phoenix Business Journal ranked me the number one realtor (agent not part of a team) in Maricopa County based on the same 192 sales for 2015. Thank you to all my current and past clients for their continued support. I also want to thank my two dogs, Jakki, a 14-year-old Weimeraner, and Layla, a 5-year-old boxer for loving their daddy so much. Ok, my wife, Mary Ann, also!

I am very proud to represent our North Central area and I also am very proud of all the 370 HomeSmart agents in our Central Avenue office in making HomeSmart the top selling real estate company in our area. We have the best group of agents in Arizona. In just four short years the top North central agents have moved over to HomeSmart because of all the technology and support the company has to offer. We have 5,200 agents valley wide.

Thank you to Karen Kruse, who is the Chair of the Madison Override campaign for writing up the following information making all of us aware of what is going on with the override campaign:

Happy 125th anniversary!! Madison Elementary School District is celebrating 125 years as one of the most established and successful school districts in the entire state. Madison is more than a school district to our community, it’s a community tradition for educational excellence. Our neighborhoods are stronger because of the Madison District’s reputation. As a community, we can maintain the educational excellence by supporting the Madison Elementary School District override election on November 3rd – without raising our tax rate!

With state funding for education declining over the past several years, these elections for our schools are critically important for our kids and our community. If the voters approve the override on the November 3rd ballot, it will fund highly qualified teachers, curriculum and signature programs as well as critically important support services such as transportation and maintenance. All without increasing our tax rate!

To learn more or become a community supporter, please visit and yesonmadison page on FB and support the Madison Elementary School District override on November 3rd! Strong schools equal strong communities.

I hope all of you have a happy and safe October and keep an eye out for the trick or treaters!

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