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As Your Listing Agent

Marketing and Positioning Strategy


 The key objectives of this plan are to get you:

  • In the TIME PERIOD that is IMPORTANT to YOU
  • And for the BEST TERMS

 The most proven way to capture the buyer is:

  • Make your home “SHOW READY”
  • Have a GLOBAL INTERNET advertising presence
  • A QUICK response to market demands (HOMEBASE IN TOUCH)

 I employ a Five Step Process to help sell your home:


       1.  PLANNING

  • Tour home and discuss objectives
  • Prepare relevant properties and analyze the market to establish an Initial Market Position to include strengths, opportunities and weaknesses
  • Develop a Home Improvement Plan to increase marketability
  • Discuss open house approach
  • Create HomeSmart Elite Online Advertising Plan
  • Complete listing paperwork



  • Hire professional photographer to take digital photos to be use on all marketing material
  • Create custom home brochure for distribution to customers/clients and realtors
  • Advertise your home online via HomeSmart proven Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduce your property to Brokerage community via brokers tours and office meetings
  • Install an electronic lock box for realtor showings
  • Advertise your home every week an Open House is scheduled
  • Mail/email “New to Market” postcards
  • Identify all realtors who are actively looking for similar homes in the area
  • Place listing in the Multiple Listing System (ARMLS)
  • Follow up on all showings to determine interest and overcome objections
  • Respond to sign calls expeditiously
  • Place “Open House” sign in front of house in advance
  • Strategically place Open House directional signs
  • Create HomeSmart Financial Services affordability sheets to display at house
  • Create additional displays or informational package on home to include items such as:
  1.  List of upgrades/repairs on major house systems
  2. Utility information
  3. Tax information
  4. Survey of property
  5. Local community information


  • Deliver weekly reports that display internet viewing trends
  • Email listings of similar homes currently on the market that are selling and not selling (your competition)
  • Communicate showing feedback as received
  • Follow up weekly to discuss activity and strategies to get your home sold


  • Assure that the offer is from a qualified and committed buyer
  • Obtain an understanding of what is important to the buyers so we can compare this to what is important to you
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions that best meet your needs and keep the buyer committed to closing
  • Netting you, the seller, top dollar for your property


  • Confirm delivery of fully executed contract to your and the buyer
  • Confirm deposit of initial earnest monies
  • Proactively communicate with the buyer’s lender (if applicable)
  • Confirm with selling Realtor dates, times of all inspections
  • Attend inspections (if needed)
  • Negotiate responsibility for repair issues
  • Assist you in obtaining repair estimates, if applicable
  • Confirm deposit of remaining down payment
  • Periodically contact mortgage representative to confirm status of mortgage loan, if applicable
  • Confirm appraisal is adequate and inform you accordingly
  • Verify all contingencies of sale are satisfied
  • Confirm receipt of mortgage commitment
  • Confirm ordering of title work and obtain Title Company information; ie names and phone numbers
  • Confirm completion of any agreed to repairs and forward copies of work receipts to parties
  • Confirm time, date and location of closing and inform you accordingly
  • Ascertain your receipt of final closing costs
  • Schedule with you and the buyers the date and time for the final walk through
  • Notify closing parties as to walk through results.  Resolve and questionable items prior to close
  • Remove sign and lockbox
  • Verify location of keys, garage door openers and warranty documents (if applicable)
  • Prepare you for your move to include Concierge and connected/disconnected utility services
  • Review your Closing Documents for accuracy
  • Attend closing/settlement
  • Ensure proceeds are deposited into your bank account