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"A realtor is not a salesperson… They are a match maker and they introduce people to homes, until they fall in love with one"


"Caren is dogged agent, who will work tireless for you to find your perfect home, which is a must in this competitive market! Immediately upon starting with her, she browsed through all of the MLS listing tax records for us, looking for every hidden gem that fit our needs. This was in stark contrast to the agent we had been working with prior to that. While we expected the search to be a long arduous process given the strong market, we found our perfect house only weeks after starting our work with Caren. What's more, and to our amazement, thanks to some clever tactics she has up her sleeve, we got the first house we bid on, beating out many other interested buyers, and at a good price! Thanks Caren!"

                                                                                                               Remy Mars Phoenix, AZ  


"Caren is one of the hardest working real estate agents I have ever met. She was very responsive to our phone calls, emails, and texts. My wife and I bought our first house over 20 years ago and had forgotten how much was involved in the house buying process. Also how much had changed and how much new regulations and paperwork were involved. We are so thankful we had Caren to watch over the process and take care of all the dirty work that would have driven us crazy if we had to go it alone. Her knowledge of the industry, process, and local market were a huge relief to my wife and I. Especially since we were moving to the Phoenix area from Kansas City and didn't have a lot of local knowledge. If you are looking for an agent that puts her clients first and truly cares about her client's family needs then Caren is the only option in my opinion. The house hunting/buying process can typically be stressful and physically draining. Caren's great attitude, fun and spunky personality, and concern for our needs and desires took a lot of that stress off our shoulders and made the home buying process enjoyable. I cannot say enough great things about Caren. My wife and I really enjoyed our few days with Caren as she drove us around looking at homes over multiple days. She was so patient with us and our long list of requirements that we were looking for in a house. Truly a pleasure to work with. My wife and kids love their new home. Thank you, Caren, for being a huge part of our home buying process."

                                                                                                           Martin Player, Surprise, AZ

"Caren was absolutely amazing and made buying my first home so easy. She had answers for me on every question, and did not hesitate to give me details or work with any particulars i had. She made everything that much more enjoyable and she really takes time to learn and work with her clients!"

                                                                                                           Geoff White,  Phoenix, AZ

"Recently I purchased a condo at the Biltmore  through Caren Peyton. Caren goes far beyond any duties as a realtor. She treated me as if I were family seeking a new residence. She was totally on top of what my needs were working diligently to fill those needs. Since I am out of town buyer and I met Caren only once, she made sure I was informed of every available unit meeting my needs. There really was not a day that she did not communicate with me. She found the condo in the Biltmore which I purchased sight unseen only through a video of the place. She made sure that the condo was in absolutely perfect state of repair before the final papers were signed.  Because I was not physically present and am older woman with great stress and depression over the death of my husband, she walked me through each step sometimes having to explain to me more than once what I was supposed to do. She treated me with great respect and was concerned about my health issues.

 I've bought and sold several houses in my life and dealt with many realtors; no one was careful, caring and diligent as is Caren.  She made the sale effortless and tended to every detail even though she had some medical issues with her husband and herself I can't say enough about Caren's personality, character and compassion It has been rough going for me these last 9 months and Caren certainly took care of issues which I couldn't deal with or knew nothing about.

Personally, Caren is delightful. She is spunky, fun to be with and extremely knowledgeable about many topics so being with her was easy and pleasant.

All the details Caren took care of and the manner in which she dealt with me can not be taught and came from her internal sense of commitment.

I honestly am astounded that a person like Caren exists!!!

Thank you for having her on staff. She goes far beyond what you expect of your agents."

                                                                                                                          Patricia Conde, Florida

"I'm head of worldwide marketing for Versace, and Caren Peyton was recommended to me to help me find a home in Milan. Caren had a reputation as being diligent on behalf of her clients, and knowing the very best places in the city for rent or purchase. As I had a busy job, I needed an agent who would not waste my time, but quickly understand my needs and come up with ideal solutions. I found Caren to be friendly, enthusiastic, attentive and the utmost professional. I could see why owners trusted her with their properties, and why word-of-mouth about her was so positive. Caren presented me with excellent options from which to choose and during negotiations she was tenacious on my behalf. She maintained a positive, cheerful attitude throughout the process, being patient in explaining to em the workings of Italian real estate. I would not hesitate to recommend her, and Know you'll find Caren to be a delight to work with."

                                                       Stephen Croncota, Chief Marketing Officer Versace Milan, Italy


“Caren is an all-around professional and she sincerely cares about her clients. In April, I was facing a tough market with little inventory and multiple offers and I was fortunate to have Caren on my side. After visiting many homes and making a few offers, we found the perfect home for me and in spite of multiple offers, she fought for me and I got the house. I certainly recommend her to any buyer in need of a trusting relationship with their real estate agent.”

                                                                                                       Marion Czeropski, San Jose, CA


 "Caren is a caring and extremely professional realtor. She knows the real estate business inside and out. Me and my boyfriend recently purchased a home with her, and she took us by the hand and did everything she could to satisfy our choosy needs. She was available to us 24/7, always ready to answer our questions, and if she did not know something she found someone who would know. She is a great negotiator and really knows how to guide you in the stressful process of buying a home. Very knowledgeable in getting you what is fair, I would absolutely recommend Caren. There are not many realtors at the same level of professionalism as Caren."

                                                                                                          Anna Marcconio, Phoenix, AZ

"She is incredibly professional and organized.  She went out of her way to make everything easy for us; we barely had to lift a finger.  She set up the home viewings on our schedule, drove us around, and gave honest answers to questions we posed to her about the properties.  When we found the house that we loved, we were saddened to learn that it was already under contract.  Thanks to Caren's expertise, she suggested that we put in a back-up offer.  In a very short time, she secured the property for us.  It was the only property we loved, so we're so thankful that Caren was there to help us get it.  She had an inspector at the house almost immediately, and she hooked us up with every service that we needed to make the transition to our new home incredibly smooth.  She made sure that everything was explained in terms that we understood, looked out for our best interest, and kept us informed about every step of the process.  We would highly recommend Caren as your real estate agent."                     

                                                                                                      Tim & Janet Brusseau, Phoenix, AZ

"Caren helped us get a great house for a great price. And even though we had a long list of requests for what we wanted the seller to fix on the house, Caren convinced them to grant nearly every one of them, which I didn't think they were going to do. My wife and I got everything we were looking for."


                                                                              Robyn Nebrich-Duda & Jeremy Duda  Phoenix, AZ

  "By chance, we happened to stop by an open house in which Caren Peyton was showing.  Although we were not in the market to buy, our son had been looking.  Being a veteran and first time buyer, we were in no position to give him advice about purchasing a home.  Caren however, walked the three of us through the entire process from beginning to end.  She was always available to answer any questions we might have.  So, we began the process along with our son. Caren was patient, cordial, vivacious and always willing and available to help with anything.  Although we encountered a few hurdles in the process, she made sure that all went smoothly.  She is a highly qualified agent who can fix any issues that may arise.  We would recommend Caren Peyton to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a home.  She is extremely knowledgeable in any capacity of real estate."                                                                                    

                                                                                                Gayle & Christina Tolifson  Phoenix, AZ

"In a seller's market, we knew we needed a realtor who would fight for us. Caren delivered for us as we moved from Iowa to Phoenix, and we had an accepted offer sooner than either my spouse or I expected. Throughout the entire process, Caren was honest, up-front, and friendly. We'd gladly have Caren help us find another house in the future."

                                                                                                               Ben Frotscher  Iowa City, Iowa


"I recently had the privilege of meeting and engaging Phoenix, Arizona realtor Caren Peyton. I originally met Caren at an open house she was having in my condominium complex, Biltmore Terrace. She is elegant, personable, very professional, and we hit it off immediately. She is so peppy and optimistic that from the start you know you’ve made the right choice and you are in good hands. Caren puts so many other realtors out in the market to shame because of how hard she works and how engaged she is with your listing. So many just want to get a listing and you never hear from them again, but that’s certainly not the case with Caren. I have bought and sold real estate across the country for over 40 years and I have never seen anyone go that “extra mile” like Ms. Peyton. If you want to be sure you are going “first class” with your next venture into real estate, contact Ms. Peyton and book an aisle seat early. You will not be disappointed. I promise. And I will personally call anyone who is reading this and assure them of everything I have said and know about how it’s not possible to go wrong with Caren Peyton."
                                                                                                                Roger May The BIltmore, AZ