Dave Liddell

DRE: SA684091000

(480) 848-1047
(602) 323-9420 (Office)



Thanks for stopping at this site. if you're interested in contacting me by phone, please be sure to take a moment to leave a message, regardless of how brief. See the note at the bottom of this page for more info. The following will give you an idea of how I work and provide insight as to whether or not we're a good fit for your real estate project.


What I Will Do As Your Agent

If you're interested in leaving your current home, I will do my best to help you sell it for a good price, in a short period of time. If you're interested in purchasing a new home, I'll do my best to find what YOU want. I've lived in the Phoenix area for more than 40 years and know it well. With resale homes in short supply these days, I also know the new developments if you're interested in that option.


What I Will Not Do As Your Agent

Have you dealt with agents who mentioned one or more of the following:

1. "I found exactly what you're looking for", when it's not what you requested.

2. "I can see you living in this home", when it's not what you want.

3. "You should jump on this deal right away", when you haven't seen the other options.

I experienced all three from pushy, commission-driven agents. As your agent, you will not hear anything similar to those aforementioned statements. I offer clients the same honesty and integrity I would expect and demand from agents if I were buying or selling a property.


Added Service

I'm also a real estate photographer and offer my clients free real estate photography services. The banner images presented above represent some of my work. You can see more at www.dliddell.com/re.



Prior to jumping into real estate, I was involved in IT areas such as web design, building/managing computers and computer networks. I still manage a few websites and help out with computer-related issues. Also, I've been a photographer for approximately 20 years. About five years ago I added real estate photography to my portfolio. As previously mentioned, my clients get free real estate photography services.

My work history reflects a lot of detail oriented projects. It's the attention to detail that keeps my interest. I bring this quality along with the honesty and integrity I would demand, into my work as a real estate agent.

Important Note

Since my phone number is online, I get A LOT of spam calls. In an attempt to head off verifying that my number is a good one for spamming, I don't answer unknown numbers. Therefore, if you call, please leave a message so I know you're legitimate. Otherwise, after a number of calls with no messages, I'll assume it's a robocaller and block the number. We all have better things to do with our time than feed the robolosers. Thank you.


Have a nice day. Smile