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Usman Nabi & Harper Price

Mass Mutual Arizona & Phoenix Children's Hospital
Sammy and Marlys have revolutionized the realtor/client relationship to a level that exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism, coupled with an extraordinary talent for building relationships before business, is rare in this industry. As Certified Negotiation Experts, they were able to negotiate the home to a price below market value; their knowledge and wisdom allowed us to save a tremendous amount of money and time. Moreover, they recommended a great lender and, with their physician loan program, we were allowed to purchase a home with zero down. Sammy and Marlys are open and honest regarding the real estate market; they are patient and have a "no rush" attitude, they understood our needs first, and they handled paperwork in a very fast manner. Until we arrived in Phoenix, they watched our house to ensure the safety and well being of our new home. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful team to help us meet our goals and standards. We recommend them as an amazing team of realtors who take pride in their work and always stretch the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

Estelle & Johelen

We couldn't have done it without [Marlys] and Sammy!!!! You're absolutely the best realtors EVER! You gals are dynamite realtors! I don't know why anyone would want to use anyone else with you gals around.

Kelcey & Felix Zayas

Thank you so much for all your patience and hard work! It is so exciting to now own our very first home and we are so glad to have you with us every step of the way. We can’t wait to have you over for our first backyard cook out! You are amazing!!

Atsushi Maekawa & Kristi Van Winden

Overall, we had a great experience! Sammy was professional and made us feel very comfortable from the very first moment that we met her. As first-time homebuyers, we appreciated her expertise and her advice. Sammy also took a great deal of time and went out of her way during our 3-day home search to ensure that we found a home to purchase. She took a genuine interest to find a place best suited for our particular needs. We would definitely recommend her as an agent for future homebuyers!

Jabraan Pasha

Thank you so much for all your patience and hard work! I came to Phoenix with my mom and together we found a great property. Your honesty about what would make a good investment was fantastic. Thank you for everything!

Sahra Niazi & Ryan Butzke

The overall experience with Sammy was very relaxed with no pressure. She was extremely helpful, no pressure, and always put my best interest first. Sammy went out of her way to make sure the process moved forward, took me to last minute listings, and handled all of the paperwork. Her lender continued the positive experience because I felt at ease and the process was easy. I highly recommend Sammy and Marlys! They are Arizona natives, know the city well, know how to be helpful in just the right way, and make the process very easy. And we had fun along the way!

Hannah Ramsey & Arturo Ochoa

My husband and I had never been to the state of Arizona when I found out I was placed in Phoenix for my final clinical offiliation. Sammy & Marlys not only picked out a perfect condo for us near wonderful hiking trails (we only viewed pictures on line since we did not have time to fly from Boston), but they found a 6 month rental that allowed 3 large dogs! Once we arrived in Phoenix and not knowing anyone, they invited us to a barbeque swim party to meet other newbies in town. That's not a Realtor, that's a true friend. We can't wait to work with them again when we buy a place!

Megan & Barr Petersen

Marlys and Sammy took the stress out of home buying for us. We were new to Phoenix, did not know it well, and were concerned that we would make a big mistake in housing. They guaranteed that they could find us a home in 3 days and it worked! We followed their plan and they found us a fabulous home and helped us connect to an Arizona lender and the physician loan program they offer. Other residents who did not use them struggled with their home searches and did not get the service that we received. We highly recommend Sammy and Marlys and encourage you to call them!

Beth Hurd

Thank you for ALL of your time, industry expertise, and support regarding the purchase of my new home! I’m beyond satisfied to have had the two of you as my realtors. Your attentiveness, prompt responses, and positive attitude helped make the process less painful for my parents and me, and for that I’m most appreciative.

Patrice & Mike Metzler

Sammy and Marlys are great with people and are very easy to work with. We enjoyed all the time we spent with them and they were extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market including contract writing and real estate specific procedures. You will be happy you chose Sammy and Marlys to work with.

Ali & Greg Kamen

Thank you, Marlys and Sammy for your guidance and assistance with this process. It has been painless and much more pleasurable than working with past professionals.

Alia & Saad Tarabein

When my husband and I were searching for a home, Sammy was receptive and our advocate during the entire process. She assessed what was most important to us when purchasing a home and constantly researched the listings that we would be interested in. Even after purchasing our home, Sammy keeps in touch and made the move to Phoenix so much smoother and enjoyable.

Vicky Zimmerman

I was actually Sammy's first sale. Although it was her first transaction, she was knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the process. I was quite a difficult buyer and her patience and willingness to help went above and beyond. I will use her again for my future transactions.

Jonathan Eziquiel-Shriro

I had a chance to work with Sammy over the course of this difficult recession, and I have to say there are likely few people in her field that could juggle the difficult tasks of a rapidly deteriorating market, learning a myriad of new methods of home selling (such as short sales), while consistently bringing potential buyers and complex paper work together in extremely short order. Sammy's diligence and professionalism exceeded the standards of every prior Realtor I have worked with. If more people in this challenging profession maintained her standards and integrity there might not have been a mortgage crisis.

Kathy Phan & Michael Sty

Our experience as sellers could not have been better. We had a lot of questions since this was our first-time selling a home. Sammy and Marlys guided us through the process and never made us feel bad about taking up so much of their time. They are professional, knowledgeable, and committed to getting the job done. They gave us fabulous staging advice, had professional photos taken and we sold in under a month! We recommend them highly because we know first-hand the quality of their work!

Jennifer & Brian Frank

Sammy and Marlys secured a rental property for me and my family in a very short time frame with some very specific requirements. They were attentive, easy to work with, kind and understanding. I signed a lease within 2 weeks and moved in 2 weeks after that. It was the easiest and most pleasant real estate transaction I have ever encountered. I highly recommend them. Seriously, thank you so much for all of your advice, support and help with our rental situation. It was a stressful time for us and Sammy and Marlys were a comfort and reliable friends.

Anita & Brian Cauley

You were able to do in 30 days what another agent could not accomplish in nearly a year!...To reiterate what Anna said it’s nice to have an agent in our corner that knows what they’re doing and can fight for us. Thank you.

Fran Cohen

My friends told me to use another realtor and I stuck with you. There were 3 homes for sale in my cul-de-sac and you sold mine the quickest! I love being in independent living. I am so greatful to you for helping me get there.

Larry & Barbara Bleich

(From a letter to our Designated Broker) My wife and I are moving to the Northwest and we chose Sammy and Marlys to represent us and sell our home. We have to say, Dan, in all our years of business and selling many homes in the past, we have never enjoyed a relationship more than the one we share with them. They are an extraordinary team and you should be extremely proud of the level of professionalism they exhibit. We were fortunate enough to put our home on the market and sell it in 5 days thanks to their efforts. In these economic times that is incredible and all during the process we knew they were looking out for our best interests. It is that caring, sincere and enthusiastic approach that makes them stand out and I know that is exactly what you are looking for in agents representing your firm’s name. We are not only extremely pleased that we are in the next phase of our sale, but more importantly we are so very happy to call them our friends. Your entire firm is simply a delight to work with, Dan, and that certainly comes from the top and the culture you have created. We would be sore remiss, however, if we were negligent in praising the work Sammy and Marlys put into our relationship.

Bill Straus

Thank you, both. I wish every partnership into which I enter turned out as successfully as this one has. You both made what many folks consider to be one of the most trying, frustrating efforts any of us ever makes a breeze.

Cheryl & Alan Ogilbee

Finding the right people in the current real estate business to make our interstate move a success, once seemed like an overwhelming task. We were fortunate to have Marlys and Sammy referred to us and would welcome the opportunity to refer them to others. Their professionalism, prompt communication, and individual attention to our specific needs made us feel as though we were their only priority! They were able to blend our long distance relationship into current community resource assistance as we continue to complete the details of our move. Without a doubt they matched our dreams into reality and found our "perfect home" in a community which fit us. We appreciate their dedication, guidance and unanticipated sincere friendship.

Sarah & Jan Acker

Marlys and Sammy did indeed find us the condo we were looking for in a 3- day period. In fact, they found 2 that we were excited about and pursued. They had done their homework on us and the market and they employed an effective process to bring it all together. Our overall experience with Sammy and Marlys was exceptional. They are easy to talk to, available almost any time and comfortable to be with. Their demeanor was consistent and conducive to helping us achieve our objectives. Marlys and Sammy are unique in that they work as a complementary team. Each one provided different skill sets and together they brought more to our effort than the sum of the two individual capabilities. This allowed us to move forward expediently and confidently. In the end it had a significant bearing on getting us the condo we really wanted at the right price and with the right concessions. No single realtor could match the value they were able to provide us. They have continued to be very generous with their time and skills, conducting the walk-through and closing for us as we were not able to be present for these events. We are recommending Sammy and Marlys to friends in Madison who want to purchase in the Scottsdale area. We are confident that our friends will be well served as we were and very pleased with the results.

Jennifer, Eric & Ethan Swanson

This team has been VERY helpful in providing my family with information on schools, areas to live, community interest and rental and purchase properties. The realtor team I worked with is Sammy Glassman and Marlys Lazarus.

Elizabeth Hyatt

I strongly recommend Sammy as your Realtor. As a first-time home buyer I was very apprehensive about the process and the paperwork. Sammy was extremely patient and accommodating throughout the process and took me to see quite a few different places until I found the right one for me. We even met for coffee one evening where she read, line by line, the offer I would be submitting, made sure I understood everything and that all of my questions were answered. She was a tireless advocate for my best interests throughout the process and I was confident that all of the details were going to be taken care of allowing me to focus my time on other things. Whenever someone asks me for a Realtor, I refer them to Sammy. When I have a need for a Realtor's services in the future, Sammy will be my first call.

Sherrie Carson

My experience with Sammy Glassman while selling my house was very positive. She thought outside of the box and was really creative with her ideas to capture potential buyers that went beyond just the MLS. I highly recommend her service.