Chandler Lippincott

DRE: SA684808000

(480) 490-1660
(602) 230-7600 (Office)


Chandler Lippincott is a Real Estate Professional with 2 years of expertise in the Valley of the Sun. Chandler began her Real Estate career in new build sales and specializes in online creative marketing. The perfect combination to get your house sold! Her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond for her clients is what separates her from so many Real Estate Agents in the Valley. Chandler has proven her ability to react quickly to the market changes and use their vast knowledge to find the Elusive Deal as well as creative marketing solutions to sell your home for the Best Price Quickly. If you need help with your Real Estate Investment Goals or your Forever Home call Chandler Lippincott (480) 490-1660

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