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"Focused Real Estate Exclusively for the Arizona Homebuyer"

Metro Phoenix, AZ Residential Real Estate.

Buyer Representative since 1998.


If you are considering buying a home, you are most likely about to make the most important financial decision in your lifetime.


Listing agents, who work for Sellers, "SELL" real estate.

Do you want to be "SOLD" your new home? Wouldn't you prefer to be educated and advised on how to buy your new home... hassle free?


Consider this...

When a Buyer calls a listing on the internet, print ad or the phone number on a realty sign on a home they are interested in... they are always speaking with the Seller's agent.

Does the Buyer really want the Seller's agent instructing and advising them on how to close the deal on their new home? Can the Buyer really trust the Seller's agent to protect their interests throughout the purchase transaction? Does the Buyer really believe the Seller's agent is motivated to get them the best possible deal on their new home? Common sense would answer a resounding "NO" to all of these questions.


The Buyer needs to be FULLY represented by a specialist in the purchase of their new home without any conflict of interest.


Buyer Representation is available for both existing re-sale and new-build homes with NO FEE to the Buyer. ( Fee is paid from the Seller's proceeds at close of escrow.)

On new-build homes, does the Buyer really want to deal with the builder on their own? Do they believe the builder is looking out for their interests, including how much they will pay for their new home?


That is what the Advocate Homebuyer Program is all about. It was developed by Jim Lyster, a licensed Arizona REALTOR® since 1998 and a Buyer Representative. Once Jim got into the business, it became clear that the Buyer was often left behind in the high pressure, "just get it sold" mentality of listing and selling real estate. Buyers were left with many unanswered questions and always felt as if no one was on their side. The need for an entirely different approach to buying a home was seen as an opportunity for change.


The vast majority of residential real estate sales (existing homes) in Arizona is practiced in this way:

The real estate listing agent finds a homeowner who wishes to sell their home and contracts with them to market the property and sell it for a fee/commission. The advertising of the property will most likely include Internet/print ads, a sign in the front yard of the home, open houses, the listing agent's website and inclusion to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS). When the listing agent finds a Buyer and an offer to purchase is considered, the following MUST happen:


If the Buyer is NOT represented by their own agent, then the Buyer MUST sign a document called the "Consent to Limited Representation."


This document must be agreed to and signed by all parties to the transaction PRIOR to signing any offer to purchase. The Buyer must agree to "limited representation" before entering into an agreement to purchase. In essence, the Buyer needs to make a decision about who they want to represent their interests throughout the transaction.


Unfortunately, most Buyers don't realize they have a choice at this point and the agreement is signed along with the offer to purchase. Once this happens, dual agency is created and the transaction moves forward, without the Buyer fully represented.


The conflicts of dual agency are considered to be "natural conflicts" in the marketplace. This has to do with the vastly different motivations and interests of the Buyer and the Seller. The most obvious difference being the selling price of the home. The Seller wants to sell for as much as possible and the Buyer wants to buy for the lowest possible. Where these two meet in agreement will be the contract/purchase price.


Suppose the Seller's agent knows that the Seller will accept a lower offer.

Or the Seller's agent believes the offer price is too high for the property.

Do you think he will tell the Buyer...? It won't happen!


This is considered confidential information and the Seller's agent is not required to disclose it.

Having the Advocate Program on the Buyer's side at this point will provide them with the experience and knowledge of market advice and negotiating expertise to ensure what the Buyer ends up paying for their new home will be the the absolute best deal possible, at the lowest price.


Buying a home should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience worth remembering.

It's also a very large investment. The Buyer must be able to "live with it, while they live in it". All aspects of the process must be done with care. The Buyer's choice to have someone represent ONLY them preserves the "consumer's choice process" throughout the entire transaction. They need to be sure that the person representing them will not "change hats" in the middle of this enjoyable and rewarding experience. When you are the Buyer, your interests should always be the ONLY consideration!

Our program will provide you this protection throughout the entire transaction.


The Advocate Homebuyer Program will assure you of no chance of "changing hats" in your transaction.

 The entire focus of all issues related to the transaction are on this premise: "Will it benefit the Buyer?".


Consider this:

How can the Seller's agent get the best possible purchase price for the Buyer... if he is primarily contracted to get as much as possible for the Seller? Who ends up losing? ...the Buyer. This situation is one of the many conflicts of dual agency and "limited representation". This is the reason for change that built the Advocate Homebuyer Program.


This Program truly is real estate transformed to completely and effectively serve the Buyer.


Dual agency & "limited representation" are riddled with conflicts and problems. It creates more questions than it answers and the one who is left out in the cold is the Buyer. The Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) is a state agency who's mission is to protect all people who purchase any type of real estate. Their advice to consumers is to obtain the services of a Buyer Representative. 


There is a difference... and it is YOUR choice!

Remember... it's a Smart Move with HomeSmart!